The 2 pound brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by huskersmokeman, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. huskersmokeman

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    Okay, Question....any ideas on how long it will take me to smoke a 2 pound brisket? I want to do it REAL slow, and I want to get that baby up to 200 degrees, so she's fork-tender. I'm just trying to plan it so I hit my suppertime mark tomorrow.[​IMG]

  2. I'm no Smoke or Pit master, by any means, but since there is just my bride and I, a two pound brisket is what we normally buy.

    It takes us about 6 hours, give or take (mostly give) at 250 degrees. The first four hours or so spraying the dry rubbed brisket with apple juice, and the remainder in foil.

    Add wind, add time, with my meager set up.
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    You had good timing, im getting ready to smoke an almost 3lb brisket today. I do this everytime i go to smoke a butt or brisket, i do it fairly rarely and always forget timing. Most of my smokes are long sausage smokes.

    I'm figuring about 6hours but don't want to be surprised if it finishes hours early. Sooooooo....+1 for any advice on timing?
  4. huskersmokeman

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    Well, here's what I did...I had a buddy come over with yet another 2-3 pound brisket, we rubbed it quick, and I put both in at about midnight last night. I catnapped and got up every 2-3 hours to flip and baste, and I'm currently sittin on a temp plateau of about 160 degrees. I just put the bad boys in foil w/ more baste, and am going to try and SLOWLY bring them up to 200 degrees just before suppertime. Lookin at about a 16-18 hour smoke...kinda fun!
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    No pics? [​IMG]
  6. darrin

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  7. huskersmokeman

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    All right, guys, I will post pics, but I've never dinked around with that before, so someone tell me how to go about it. I know how to load my camera images on to the puter, but don't know how to get em here.
  8. darrin

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  9. huskersmokeman

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    Thanks Darrin...Rep power for you. I'll post pics this afternoon, as the meat is foiled and wouldn't be very interesting right now.

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