That time of year to stock up on mason jars

Discussion in 'Canning' started by alblancher, May 2, 2012.

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    You may want to check your local Big Lots

    The local Big Lots sells Golden Harvest Mason jars quarts, pints and lids for considerably less then the Ball jars at the local Wall Mart

    With the size of my garden this year I'll be buying lots of additional jars and the money adds up quick.

    Wallmart does have some less expensive jars but after reading the box I think they are intended for hot water bath canning and not pressure canning.

    Not sure of the reputation of the Golden Harvest jars but I have used them without problems in the past.

    Anybody have a good source for Pectin? Shipping shouldn't be too bad for that.
  2. The Golden Harvest jars aren't bad, but avoid the Chinese jars from Wal-Mart, they're junk!
    Put the word out to friends and family that you're looking for jars, I've never bought a quart or pint jar in my life, and I've got dozens of cases...they all came free. I have bought a few specialty jars, though.
    Look for pectin at a local bulk food store.

    BTW: Justin Wilson is one of my heroes. I have most of his books and I wish I could get more of his shows on DVD.
    I remember one show where he spun dry collard greens in a washing machine! LOL

    I Garohntee!!!!

    ~Martin :biggrin:
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  4. Thanks for the heads up on big lots .. I haven't even thought of checking there .. I am planning on having a decent harvest this year so I will be in the market right soon ..
    I don't have a huge garden but I do have 25 tomato plants that will need to be canned up .... There is a canning lid I am checking out this year also .. its a re-usable one .. I am a little nervous but if they work well it will be a great investment ..

    I actually find the best deals at Ace Hardware .. I get coupons in the mail all the time so it makes things more affordable .. also YARD SALES!

    Most of my stock comes from yard sales .. old barn sales ..
    I stay away from off brands tho .. I would rather pay the extra buck for tried and trusted ..

    actually just got a great deal on blueberry juice and am going to make some jam right quick [​IMG]
  5. alblancher

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    It's time to clear out the freezers because the blueberry bushes are about 2 weeks away.  I have a stock pot on the stove as we speak with 6 gallons of frozen berries.  I'll boil them down, crush and then strain.  I'll can the juice and move it to the pantry.  
  6. I think your all about a month or more ahead of us .. ours are usually middle of June into July .. I only have a small bit of land with 3 blueberries .. strategic planning is what I have to do ..

    think I have some tomato's to can out of the freezer also .. should get on that

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