Thanksgiving turkeys-both brined. Will smoke one and oven roast the other

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bbqbeginner, Nov 24, 2015.

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    I drew the short straw and I am hosting Thanksgiving for the 1st time. I purchased two fresh turkeys from the local grocer. One about 13lbs and the other about 17lbs. The 13lber will be going in the WSM and the 17lber will be going in the oven. I decided to brine both. For the smoked turkey I followed the turkey brine posted on the guide on this site with the exception that I used ground garlic, onion, powder and tyhme (which I used less than what recipe called for) I also used ACV as I didn't have anything else on hand. Also added in the optional brown sugar and red pepper flake. I did dissolve salt and sugar on low heat prior to cooling and adding more cold water to cover. For the roasted turkey brine I used white sugar and Put sprigs of thyme in brine as well. No ACV in the oven brine. I have both in the cooler with a bag of ice out in the garage. I will take them out tomorrow night and put them in the refrigerator to dry overnight so they are ready for Thanksgiving Day. I will update with pics of rub and Qview.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Gonna be great I bet.

    Will be watching for updates.
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    Sounds like a great meal for your loved ones.  It is good that your planning ahead. Remember that the turkey on the first Thanksgiving were probably smoked!  

    Keep The WSM temp regulated well and pull that bird off when the internal breast temp hits 165!  Let it rest for about 30 minutes to an hour before you carve it.  It will be nice and juicy.

    When carving gather the crowed.  They will oooh and ahhh as you cut into it. Be sure to look worn out as you carve so they will have sympathy and not make you clean up the dishes. 

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    :Coffee: I'll be watching ...:)
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    [​IMG]  I'm in !
  6. I did the same thing two years ago. I smoked one while my gf cooked the other in the oven (Alton Brown's recipe). While both turkeys came out great every single guest said they preferred the smoked over the oven roasted.

    This year I have two birds going on the smoker.
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    The 13lber

    The 17lber. He says hi!

    All brined. In the fridge to let let the skin dry.
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    Looks like a nice plump bird! b
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    Two sets of necks, tails and gizzards make one hell of a stock/broth. Yielded about 8 cups with recipe I was following. Aroma was fantastic. Going to make some amazing gravy tomorrow. Does anyone have a good way to catch drippings from turkey on smoker? I was going to put in tin pan and foil with butter for last hour or so, but don't need all that butter since I plan on making my roux for the gravy ahead of time. I have an extra pan so I guess I can just put one underneath and take out and reserve when I foil with butter and then add with drippings from oven roasted turkey.
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    Well done!

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    Skin didn't turn out quite the way I wanted. Wasn't really rubbery but formed more of a crust, so not bite through. Breast was super moist though. I injected the breasts with the turkey stock. Wasn't quite done before the oven turkey, but consensus was smoked turkey was better.
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    Terrific job with great looking turkeys.



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