Thanksgiving is under way!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gitaryzt1985, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. gitaryzt1985

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    Put two butts and a turkey breast on at roughly noon. Built the fire a bit big and struggled getting the temp down to 225, and its fluctuating from about 220 to 280. Its about 45 here in SC and light rain off and on. Nice day overall I guess. Pork has an internal of about 100 degrees 2 hrs in.

    Using hickory and apple wood, and just spritzed with apple juice and bourbon at the 2 hour mark.

    Gonna move the butts to a foiled pan with apple juice, bourbon, and brown sugar at about the 160 mark.

    Any suggestions or comments at this point?

  2. crazymoon

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    Good luck on the smoke ,it sounds good ! Keep us in pics too ![​IMG]
  3. gitaryzt1985

    gitaryzt1985 Fire Starter

    Thanks!!! smoke

  4. gitaryzt1985

    gitaryzt1985 Fire Starter

    Hmmm...5 hours and Im still at 138 internal... these 8.5 lb boys may take a while lol
  5. I would drink the bourbon  and forget about the spritz.

    It should be good.


    Happy smoken.

  6. oldschoolbbq

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    I agree with David. Shut the lid and let it cook. you're losing time and Bark , by opening the Hood.

    Sofar you look good , you have a handle on it and the only thing I can offer right now is a refresher course on Fire...Here:

    Have fun and . ..
  7. I would agree with keeping the lid shut. I have not found a big difference in the pork butts that I use to spritz and the ones I don't now. Speaking from experience because I have the exact smoker you do, they do not retain heat that well so keeping that lid shut and using a Maverick thermometer is the way to go. I also keep an oven thermometer in a different location within the smoker so i know what the temp is in a few places. Your temp is low at 5 hours due to opening that lid.......

    About every 1.5 - 2 hours I have a charcoal chimney heating up more charcoal to keep that temp stable. If you are using wood also then you might go longer.....

    What I have done in the past is at a temp of maybe 180's I will pull the butts out quickly shut the lid and wrap the butts in foil with apple juice and apple cider vinegar and finish to your desired internal temp of 190-205 degrees. Also taking them from the smoker and wrapping them in towels and placing them in a cooler they will continue to cook and retain their temp for hours....

    Good luck..........
  8. gitaryzt1985

    gitaryzt1985 Fire Starter

    Almost done...temp is 193 at about 10 hrs. The smell is unbelievable. ..

    Oh yeah, the turkey was fantastic!!! Transferred to the oven and baked over onions, garlic, and apple juice.

  9. gitaryzt1985

    gitaryzt1985 Fire Starter

    The smaller butt is done, 196 and the bone pulled right out. Got a nice jus going for tomorrow.

  10. gitaryzt1985

    gitaryzt1985 Fire Starter

    Well, Thanksgiving was success!  Going to post a timeline of my journey/troubles...

    1)  Got the two 8.8 lb butts and turkey breast on at 12pm on Wednesday.  Temp for the first hour was pretty steady at 215-250...I say pretty steady because that's the best I could do!  Built the fire really hot and then adjusted down because I really didn't know how big to build the fire to accommodate this much meat.

    2)  Left the lid down for about 2 hours and then put the probe into the larger butt.  Hmm...only had 50 degrees after 2 worries though.  Spritzed and flipped the was getting rather done looking on one side.

    3)  Do butts temperature rise ridiculously slowly or what?  Took the bird off at 3:30 PM and proceeded to put it a roasting pan over onions, garlic, apple juice, and bourbon.  Turned out EXTREMELY good!!!

    4)  Fast forward to 7pm.  The butt was at about 140 internal and seemed to stall at that point...seemed to low so after 7 hrs already, I decided to wrap.  I was up to about 165 at 9pm, and decided to bring it in to finish in the oven.

    5)  At 11pm, I was at 192 degrees and couldn't get the butt any higher.  Took the smaller butt out and it was at 196, so I let it rest an hour until midnight and then pulled.  TURNED OUT AMAZING.  Nice heat to the bark, and the meat was nice and salty on its own.  Got rid of all the nasty fat and saved the jus that was created in the pan from covering over a rack.

    6)  At 1am I was done.  I went ahead and pulled the second butt out at 193 degrees and had no more patience after 12 hours.  Took WAY longer than I anticipated, but it was about 40 degrees and windy so that could have been a major culprit.

    The family loved the BBQ and it was requested next year.  Even took some to a large skeet shooting gathering on black Friday and even some serious smokers were impressed!  Thanks to all for their help!!!

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