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    I have SOO long been wanting to say that but I don't have the clout!  I have been waiting for someone to point out the obvious!  Thank You!  Smoked EVERYTHING is over the top IMHO.  If that is your thing; GO FOR IT! but smoked EVERYTHING in one meal is BLAND! IMHO.  You may as well leave out S&P.  It all just screams " I'M SMOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Smoked ham and smoked cheese sandwich; and the taste?  SMOKED!  "What did you have for dinner"?  " I don't know but it was smoked"!

    The side dishes should compliment the smoked food.  NOT compete with it.  No matter if the smoked food is meat or smoked Mac and Cheese!  Just an example: my coleslaw is just cabbage, onion, S&P and mayo.  Onion and fresh cabbage with smoked meat is a winner!  No need for all the bells and whistles IMHO.  SIMPLE with COMPLEXED!  Let the smoke SHINE!

    What you are looking for:  Taste, texture and EVEN hot and cold food.  Mix all that up and you will have a feast to remember.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!

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    I didn't intend to insult anyone or get my SMF Union Card pulled, but Smoke can be taken too far. It is not uncommon to get excited about a New Toy like a smoker and want to go crazy smoking everthing in site. Been There, Did That! But, in six Months my Wife told me, "  If you smoke one more meal, you are Sleeping on the Couch! " Same with the BACON craze over the last several years. YES...Bacon is a Major Food Group and is a Gift of the Gods but Burgers made with 50/50 Bacon and Beef, topped with Bacon Jam, six strips of Crispy Bacon, Smoked Bacon Cheddar and Bacon Mayo! Really!?! I love Bacon but Bacon does not make EVERYTHING better. I had Bacon on a Philly Cheese Steak it tasted terrible! Bacon Maple Glazed Donuts? Ok, pretty freakin' Awesome but Bacon After Shave? Too Far...JJ
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  3. Amen, brother!
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    I agree. I smoked a bunch of different stiff when I first started but I realized how that overwhelms the taste buds. I was trying to plan a meal the other day and started with smoked bacon wrapped pineapple, ABT's, and a fatty. I quickly realized that would be to much smoke and bacon.
  5. Hi folks.  I know this may all be blasphemy but IMHO you need to draw a line somewhere.  I use ALOT of smoked bacon in my dishes.  I can't imagine greens or beans without smoked bacon.

    Give ya an example of smoked and foods that work together and not compete:  You all know I now live in England.  As you saw I used the term "smoked bacon".  Well in England you can not just assume bacon is smoked.  Unsmoked bacon on a burger; WHY????  The English just can't understand bacon and jam on toast; in my experience.  We Americans have no problem with this but the Brits just " don't get it".  I finally walked in one day with a sandwich in my hand, told my English wife to close her eyes and taste.  Her response was " that's sooo wrong; but it tastes REALLY nice! ( that's English for D*** GOOD! ).  As we Americans know the sweet, salty, smokey is FANTASTIC!

    Christmas dinner:  Smoked turkey, smoked stuffing, smoked potatoes, smoked cranberry sauce, smoked green bean casseroel, smoked carrots, smoked bread and smoked butter.  Smoked  etc.  ????????  No thanks.

    Compliment your hard earned smoked foods with fantastic foods that don't compete.  LET THE SMOKE SHINE THROUGH!.  Sort of like choosing a fine wine to compliment a certain meal.  Not that I know anything about wine.  Just my humble opinion.  As I said before; if you LIKE everything smoked then by all means GO FOR IT and more power to ya brother ( or sister ).

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    Balance, the meal needs to be balanced. Some smoke, some fresh sides.

    I like smoke, but the Wife, that's another battle. I got the same reaction, if you smoke anything else, you on your bike.

    Even if I do a simple steak, she will say you've smoked it, no it's the natural flavour from cooking on Charcoal! Mind you here taste buds are totally shot, she will drink milk that's Off!
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    Heretics all, you all should be burned at the, 

    nah, smoke 'em.     [​IMG]

    Good points gentlemen, to much of a good thing and all that.

    You can't smoke everything and expect it all to be OK.

    It just all tastes the same.

  8. STEVE!  Hide that post!  Jill will kick your *** if she sees that!  She knows who is the boss in the family.  NO DOUBT IN HER MIND!  And it ain't you!  [​IMG]  Good point though.  Keep Smokin!

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    I musta been black balled cuz i dont have a SMF Union Card 

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    Danny, you know the rules, what goes on SMF stays on SMF!
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    I can't agree more!

    I like variety on a plate.

    Aside from smoking, take some Mexican restaurants for example.  I love Mexican food, but.....

    When they dump the cumin and oregano not only in the main course, but, for example, the beans and rice as well?  What flavor is going to offset what?

    Almost like eating at that big M place where everything tastes the same?

    Good luck and good smoking.

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