Thai Jerky -Dirtsailor's recipe with some Q-view

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by bena, Oct 10, 2016.

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    After seeing how much they are charging for jerky in Costco, I decided it was time to make some jerky.  I wanted to try Case's recipe for some time, so I waited for roasts to go on sale and picked up a couple that looked decent - froze them over night and placed in fridge the next morning to slice after work on the 10" cabela's slicer.

    I don't know why I grabbed the sea salt .. didn't use any so ignore that ingredient.

    I used Case's recipe-

    only adjustment I did was add 1/2 dark soy and 1/2 regular soy sauce for that ingredient.

    The slicer was set to a little under 1/4"

    Mixed it up (wife was out of the house so I opened the fish sauce bottle inside -do that at your own risk if you can't get all your equipment and anything that touched fish sauce washed before she gets back!) 

     Into the tumbler - and let them spin for 30 minutes and then into the fridge for ended up being 48 hours till I could smoke them.

    This canisters can easily hold 6 pounds but since I had 8 pounds- split into two 4 pound batches.

    Start up  the Smokin-IT #3  with ended up being 5 trays with Q-Matz

    with some of Todd's  Alder pellets for a mellower smoke flavor in the in the amazen tray 5x8

    being it was jerky I got to add the jerky fan on the SI-3 exhaust and it helped with airflow to keep the pellets burning.

    I followed the step up instructions of 120 for and hour  with no smoke- then 10 degree increase every hour to 170 with smoke (pretty easy with the PID controller) rotated and flipped about 4 hours later and then I moved trays and pieces around according to the texture I was looking for.   I don't know how long exactly it took my guess is about 8-9 hours.  

    I got about 2 gallon zip locks full of this beautiful looking and incredible savory balanced  jerky.  Thanks Case!

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  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks great Ben! Glad you enjoyed it! Even though  Ijust made some a few weeks back we are almost out! I think our next batch will be from pork loin.
  3. smokinal

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    The jerky looks fantastic!

    You can't go wrong with Case's recipes!

    Nice job!

  4. crankybuzzard

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    That stuff is out of this world!  Beef is great, but the pork will blow you away!

    I agree about having an empty house when you break out the fish sauce, SWMBO gets persnickity when I make this stuff.  I also have to wash the tumbler(s) a couple of times to lose the smell.
  5. bena

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    Thank you for the compliments! I will have to try that pork version someday.   Next on the agenda is either Pastrami or cheddar brats...
  6. disco

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    Great jerky, nice quview and good thread! Points!


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