Thai Chicken Sausage

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  1. I gotta say this recipe from 2011 is pretty damn good. Glad i dug it up when looking for sausage recipes, the complexity of flavors is amazing very well put together recipe, from the coconut milk, the peanuts, garlic cilantro, awesome.

    All mixed up

    The players grinding peanuts, rice, & cilantro.

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    Sounds like a great recipe, care to share it?

  3. Originally posted by cougar78

    3.5 lbs chicken thighs
    1.5 cups salted & roasted peanuts
    1 cup Sticky, short-grain rice
    3/4 cup Coconut milk
    3 Tbs green onions, finely chopped (45g)
    1/4 cup Chopped Garlic (36g)
    1 cup Chopped Cilantro (35g)
    30g Kosher Salt
    22g Brown Sugar
    6 tsp Hot Chili-garlic sauce ('Rooster'-brand)-add more if HOT is desired
    1 Tbs Sesame oil
    6g fresh ground black pepper
    5.5g Ground Galangal (option: ground ginger)
    24mm or 28mm sheep casings

    Cook & cool rice first.
    Bone chicken, reserving all meat, fat AND skin. Chill until partially frozen.
    Grind chicken with rice and peanuts through medium plate (4.5mm).
    Add salt, coconut milk & green onions to mixture; mix well.
    Add remaining ingredients & mix thoroughly until sticky paste is formed.
    Stuff into casings; tie off into 4.0" links. Air dry until casing are dry to touch. *Lightly poach in 160°water until the internal temp of 165° is reached. Dry & put in fridge or freezer. These can be quickly re-heated or grilled.
    * poaching is an option. You can skip this step & simply refrigerate uncooked links. Cook to proper IT before serving.
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    [​IMG]  Nice.  Watching for the Q
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    This cougar78 recipe was great; I was lucky enough to have a couple pheasants given to me, and used those in stead of the chicken.  We were invited to a wine tasting party and needed an appetizer; the Thai Pheasant Sausage was a very big hit!  Here I'm looking confident with this new batch of sausage!

    I made links for the party, but you don't need to; below I'm frying a batch of links and dollops that were just spooned out of the batter. Cook at a medium low temp so they don't overbrown and caramelize, given the sticky rice and brown sugar ingredients.  And look at the recipe to consider modifications; I added a little more green onions and garlic, for example.  Consider any pheasants or grouse hiding in the freezer fair game!

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    This Thai Chicken sausage recipe has always been a hit with the family!

    Glad you all are giving it a go!

  7. I have say I think I liked it better as a patty than linked, I really enjoyed it with white rice, soy & some chopped green onions...everyone that has tried it keeps talking about how good the think it is thanks again for this one.
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    Looks great man ! Thumbs Up

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