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  1. Alright guys here's my 250 gallon on a 5x10 trailer.
    My dad already had the tank,so that saved me some time and money.
    I made the trailer out of 11g 3x2 tubing. Underneath i have a 3500# axle with brakes. Thanks for looking,and all feedback welcome.

    Pics to follow from beginning to current.
  2. Took everything off to vent and then filled with water an soap

    Started cutting out doors,got the top strap with hinges tacked...man using a cutoff wheel for this sux!

    A little more progress on doors

    1 door done

    Both doors finished
  3. Laying things out and takin measurements

    Tacking up the coupler..
  4. daveomak

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    Dog, afternoon... I suggest you mount the spring perches to a piece of angle iron that is longer than the springs themselves.... that allows you to trim the trailer balance...

  5. Thanks for the info dave, but they are know fully welded on. Im guessing that would've helped out because I built the trailer on the 60/40 split , and i'm going to have to remove the back of the trailer to slide the firebox in towards the axle to balance the trailer.
  6. symonds86

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    Very nice I will be building a trailer like that soon does the 11ga seem plenty strong? I was gonna use 3/16 but 11ga will save some money for sure
  7. I was kinda iffy about it,but i saw other guys using it for their builds.
    I'm glad i decided to use it. It's easy and fast to work with and yes,plenty strong.
  8. Firebox tacked up

    Smoothed out the welds

    Air intakes cut out
  9. Marking the doors for the cleanout and main FB door
  10. Need some input guys.
    Feldons calculator calls for 188.16 inch opening from FB to CC.
    will 254 inches be way to much? What affect would it have?
  11. daveomak

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    That will be very good..... Feldon's is a little stingy on that measurement when making a Reverse Flow.... make the same at the end of the RF plate.....
  12. Thanks dave, now i can stop stressin over this and finish this thing up.

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