Texas Style Ribs, Time ?

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  1. I just picked up these for a 1st try in my rotisserie basket that came today. I can either do them over the UDS55 or the kettle. Not sure about time and temp? They look pretty lean so I'm thinking kinda hot and faster than normal smoking? Treat like pork chops? Going to marinate in teriyaki right now.

    Thanks  ..  Matt

    This is what they are soaking in.

    And this is what I'll brush before it's over

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  2. Decided to try the roti on the UDS. I guessed 2 hours and checked at 1.5 hours. IT was around 200, thought I had gone too far, Give a quick brush with the orange marmalade and wrapped with foil to hold until I could get the other things ready. Wow they were great! Wife said one of the best things in recent memory. Will be doing this again!

    My target temp was 340 but I had some spikes. 

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    They look delicious!

    Great looking meal!

  4. Thanks Al, Wife said "almost pork burnt ends" In a good way. I Kept a few notes in hopes of replication.

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