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  1. joe black

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    Great cook, Gary. That brisket looks absolutely awesome. Your threads are always loaded with good tips and ideas. :points:

    I have been under the weather lately. Two bouts of a stomach virus in 3 weeks. It was no fun at all. I finally got everything to come together and got a nice cryovac of loin back ribs at Costco. Man, they were meaty. Well over 10# for 3 racks. Did them Saturday and turned out really good. My usual, 265*, 3-1/2 hours, no foil, good pull back, good bend and some sauce.

    Keep the great learning threads coming, Joe
  2. Great job, Gary. Next stop after I give you some points... find me some butcher paper!   [​IMG]
  3. Thanks Doc  and  Pit Boss

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  4. Thank you  and for the point ,,,,,,,,,,,,,   Find that Butcher Paper

  5. humdinger

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    Thanks Gary. Never thought about honey powder. Great tip. I'll try it and let you know how it turns out.
  6. Thanks Joe.  Glad you are feeling better, 3 weeks of that stuff has got to be rough.

  7. seguragreenwave

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    Looks excellent, as usual!
  8. ak1

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    Hell, I wish I could buy it for that price. It looks great.
  9. chef jimmyj

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    Looks great. Packers are not big locally so hard to find...JJ
  10. I'll bet Pork bellies are easier to get though.


  11. chef jimmyj

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    Oh yea...Huge Asian community in this area. Chinese restaurants with Menu items an American won't recognize, Hand Pulled Noodles, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese all within a 5 mile radius...JJ
  12. GaryHibbert

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    Hey Gary

    As usual, your brisket looks absolutely great!!  Just looking at your posts on briskets has me pretty close to trying one.  I've only had brisket once.  Didn't much like it, but then again, it sure didn't look like any that you do.

    [​IMG]  for another fantastic brisket.

  13. Thanks Gary,   Give it another shot.   I'll probably be doing a pork butt next

  14. bear55

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    That is some good eats there Gary.
  15. joe black

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    Gary, That is an awesome thread on the brisket. Thanks for sharing. I tried to post a point in post #41, but I understand that it didn't go through. I've read lately on here that folks are having giving points. I hope this gets straightened out. Points for the brisket cook. Joe :points:
  16. Ah Ha  I see the problem   You have to go to the bottom of the Original Post which should be post #1

     That is where you give the point

    Probably the problem you and others are having.

    If you click on the thumbs up on whatever page or post # that is where your point goes, Hey I've 

    done the same thing before. Hope this helps

  17. foamheart

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    Man I knew I had come by here and mentioned what great briskets you make. You could make a good living there in Texas just smoking brisket. 

    Good looking smoke.
  18. joe black

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    You could also make a handsome fee giving instructions on the inner workings of the site. I have just been going back to the last post that the original person made to click on the green thumb. Just lazy, I guess, but in ever knew it made a difference.

    Thanks again for your sage advice and teaching, I'll try again. Joe :points:
  19. We have an Asian market here in Tyler I shop there occasionally for thing the regular stores don't carry.

  20. daricksta

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    It all looks great, Gary, textbook even. If we were neighbors I would make sure we were the best of friends, swapping and sharing Q. Since I primarily cook for just my wife and I, I usually buy a brisket flat that weights no more than about 7 pounds. I'll buy a larger one if my wife and I are both making brisket dishes around the same time. Her slow cooker recipes usually call for 5 pounder and I'll smoke the 5-6 pound remainder. This year I hope to go full bore full packer and make some burnt ends.

    What kind of smoker do you own? I couldn't see the manufacturer name in the photos.
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