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    I have been doing a lot of pork lately, so the other day I was at the store and they had Briskets on for $1.97 lb  So the timing couldn’t have been better.

    These were Select Briskets so I picked through them till I found one with a good fat cap, lots of marbling and not too big.

    I started at about 6:00 AM

    The outside temp was 48° with a heavy dew

    Smoking at 225° with Pecan

    6:20 AM -----  Fired up the smoker using my Weed Burner started prepping the Brisket

    Removed from Cryovac, rinsed, trimmed and seasoned with Salt & Pepper 

    60% Pepper and 40% Salt

    6:50 AM ----- I put the Brisket on

    9:15 AM  ---- The Beans went on       

    Outside temp   52°

    9:30 AM ---- Started BBQ Sauce

    10:30 AM ---  Started grinding a Pork Butt for Breakfast Sausage (Sorry That's another thread)

    12:00 PM -----  Pulled Brisket and wrapped in Parchment Paper, Pulled the beans,

    5:15 PM ---- Pulled Brisket off the smoker and on the counter to rest.

    6:00 PM   ----  Sliced Brisket

    I would like to take a minute to talk about how Easy a brisket really is to Smoke. I see people on here that are obsessed with constantly monitoring

    The IT,   “DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT” It is going to take a while to start creeping up. People are way too focused and concerned about reaching the STALL and worrying about temps. The only temp that is important is the FINAL temp which “Should Be 202° to 205°” theoretically and in a perfect world But no always. (I covered that in my earlier brisket post’s.

    So kick back and enjoy the Pics and info. And please feel free to PM me with any questions are problems.  

    A nice 12.66 lb  Select Brisket for a buck ninety seven a pound

    I trimmed a good bit of fat off to try to get a uniform 1/4 " +-   seasoned with my

    Top Secret seasoning ----- Salt & Pepper  That's it  You can use anything you like

    But real Texas style brisket in just S&P

    Got my fire going with about a chimney of unlit charcoal and a split if Pecan, (Used my Weed Burner 

    to get it started and heat up my grates and the rest of the smoker

    That looks like frost, but just heavy dew

    A Beautiful Sunrise in East Texas

    I had to have some Beans to go with my Brisket, even though the boss said she was

    tired of baked beans (Been doing them a lot lately) so just a small batch

    Brisket after 5 hours of pecan smoke, and beans about 4 hours

    I opened the lid to put on the beans and didn't open it again till noon to wrap the brisket

    and pull off the beans

    Brisket wrapped and back on. I used Parchment paper, I really like the Pink

    Butcher paper I need to order some more.

    Here is a shot of the beans after they came off the smoker

    Brisket hiding under the towel and resting on the counter

    Here if what it looked like before I covered it

    You can see the final temp was 203.5 º 

    OK here is what I was waiting for, the unavailing  I was well pleased with the

    Bark and final color. The parchment helps hold in SOME moisture but retains

    the nice bark

    Beans felt left out so had to put them in with the Star

    Grandsons plate in the background  (He couldn't wait as usual)  My BBQ sauce I made 

    and a bottle of McClards sauce from Hot Springs AR.

    And the slices,  Nice smoke ring moist, tender and juicy

    A couple of shots of my plate

    And an end shot  (I have to have the end)

    Supper for tomorrow and a big chunk vacuum sealed and ready for the freezer for a 

    later time

    Thanks for looking,
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  2. rabbithutch

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    Man alive, Gary!

    Those pics make me want some brisket and I'm only about 40 miles from Taylor and Louis Mueller's place. On second thought I might wait until tomorrow 'cause they only do beef baby backs on Saturday.

    Maybe the rain will let up overnight . . . .
  3. Here is one better -----   Just do your own !!!
  4. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    My god that looks delicious.:drool I've never had brisket... ever. Except when made into corn beef. I've got to try one soon. Can't find one in the markets around here, but local smokehouse has a 15#er in his cooler, but he's getting $3.99lb.
  5. twoalpha

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    Great Looking Brisket. Nice bark and smoke color. [​IMG]

    Using the parchment paper does it retain the brisket juices for later use or does it leak out?


  6. figjam

    figjam Meat Mopper

    Yeah, I'm interested in hearing this answer as well.  One of the main reasons I use foil is to be able to keep the juices.  But, if the paper makes for a better bark, I might consider trying it.
  7. I use to Foil but about 6 years ago I switched to Butcher Paper  Give it a try and I'll bet you never go back to foil

  8. figjam

    figjam Meat Mopper

    Thanks for the reply.  I will give it a try.  What about the answer to twoalpha's question ... Using the parchment paper does it retain the brisket juices for later use or does it leak out?
  9. figjam

    figjam Meat Mopper

    Also, is the easiest place to buy said butcher paper at a butcher's shop?
  10. I see you placed your beans directly under the brisket, catching any drippings. How much flavor does this add to the beans?
  11. The Butcher paper that is used by Butchers is coated at least on one side, I have used it before and couldn't see anything wrong with it. The Pink Butcher paper is best, What I used in this smoke was Parchment paper I got at Sam's  It's a little thin and not wide enough for me but I make it work wrapping several times.

  12. It adds flavor, but as for as how much I'm not sure I have never done a comparison  I have just always put them under the meat.

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  13. If you wrap, or have large enough paper it will retain SOME juice  nothing like Foil
  14. figjam

    figjam Meat Mopper

    What about wrapping in paper first, then foil?  Will wrapping in foil defeat the benefit of wrapping in paper?
  15. crankybuzzard

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    If I had known you were gonna cook like this, I'd have planned a trip to the farm (Mineola) this weekend!  Looks great!!!

    Looks great, and I love the pic of the smoker with the sunrise!
  16. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    OMG---That looks Freakin' Awesome, Gary!!![​IMG]----------[​IMG]

    I would gladly trade you some fresh Venison Dried Beef for a Plate of that Beautiful Brisket !!![​IMG]


  17. The paper lets some of the moisture escape, thus maintaining the nice bark, Where as the foil seals in ALL the moisture, doing a couple of things, The Brisket will cook faster and you will have all the juices also allows the bark to become soft.

    If you are pretty good at controlling your temps you can smoke your brisket 5 or so hours un-wrapped then foil it take it up close to being done un-wrap it save your juices then back on the smoker to finish and help firm up the bark.

  18. Thanks guys,  and for the point Bear.

  19. Hi Buddy.  Some one might believe you know what you are doing.  [​IMG]   Looks GREAT gary!  Fantastic lookin plate.  Well done!  Keep Smokin!

  20. Thanks Danny, paddle over and I'll share.    Yeah maybe another 40 years of smoking, I might get the hang of it, Hope you and yours are well


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