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  1. Since I am a coo-yon (cajun term for fool!) and just cause, I am testing multiple new products today. 

    I got an Auber Temp Controller for my UDS and I am trying out Butcher BBQ Brisket Injection for today's brisket. I have used the UDS several times and it requires little tending, but it does require some tending and I like gadgets so sue me. I am a serial modder and tweaker. I admit it. I now just embrace it. 

    Some pics of the Auber:

    It is a simple device. A blower, a probe and a controller. 

    I love this concept. Easy on, easy off. 

    And now the brisky:

    Injected last night late and vac sealed it. Supposed to inject at least 4 hours prior to smoking. I wanted it ready this am to put on the smoker. 

    Some lit Stubbs on the unlit. I dropped em down with the long coal basket tool and got the temp steady at 275. That was difficult. I had to plug in some wires and push a button. Damn, 30 seconds of my life wasted. 

    Sleep well my liege. I'll be checking on you in about 3 or so hours to probe you and see when you need your butcher paper blanket.

    I'll of course post end product later and I may post some more throughout the day. I put some ABTs together and some bird parts to put on too. 
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    Great start!

  3. Arrrrrgh. Well the Auber turns out to be defective. I went through all the recommended checks and fixes from their website. I contacted via the website and will call Monday if they don't beat me to it. I have dealt with Auber Instruments before and they were always good to work with. 

    "Captain, we're on manual thrusters from here out!
  4. Here are some pics of the other stuff I had on the UDS for today's smoke.

    The brisket getting wrapped in the pink butcher paper:

    A few thighs:

    Some Chicken Lollies:


    Brisket is resting. I'll post a bit on that in about an hour. 
  5. b-one

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    Your really helping the economy with all your new purchases!Thumbs Up
    Great looking load of food!
  6. Thanks b-one. I'm a one man economic stimulus package!

    So the brisket come out very good. Not my best but pretty respectable. As it turns out I thought I was getting a choice but I accidentally snagged a select instead. They were mixed together in the same bin. I had one picked out and changed my mind at the last minute and grabbed this one and didn't check.

    So the Butcher BBQ injection is a plus. I may try the straight phosphate so I can control the flavor of the injection. I'm anxious to try the pork butt injection.

    I did have some cole slaw and beans too. Not that its mandatory since I have some jalapeño for veggies on this plate.

    So, I do have one question for all you brisket experts out there:  My flat slices don't quite flop as much as you see the comp level briskets I see. I have smoked many briskets and some do and some don't. The moisture is there and the flavor and texture is there but I'd like to nail that flop just a bit better every time. Maybe I am getting too picky, but hey its part of fun striving for perfection. 
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    Sorry bout your controller, but the Q looks awesome ! Thumbs Up
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    I want an Auber to control an UDS....  Driving me nuts...   Good news.... don't have far to go....
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    Looks phenomenal and I love your head to heads and experiments. Points to you sir!!
  10. bdskelly

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    If this cooking is a malfunction, Id like to see what happens when everything is working! I'm a big fan of butchers products.  Try the PRIME injection next time. 

  11. Just an update on the Auber situation. Called this morning and a new one is on the way to arrive Thursday. I'll fire up the UDS this weekend and give it a run. Maybe with a butt. Or ribs. Or both plus a chicken. Or something.
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    That's a nice little gadget. Love to see how it actually works out.
  13. I got the replacement controller today and, of course, come hell or high water (and we have had a lot of that here this year) I will be firing up the UDS Saturday to see how it works. Hell, I may not be able to wait until Saturday. I may need to find something quick to smoke tomorrow night. Depends on how long it takes be to get back up to The Woodlands from he Med Center on a Friday afternoon. Its a crap shoot in Houston!
  14. Oh, and by the way, that little 10 Lb brisket I cooked on Saturday that was ready that night was completely gone by Wednesday. That was about 75% by me. Had a few BBQ "plates" if you will, a large sammich, brisket tacos (my son does those too-so helps when he eats a few of those), incredible chopped brisket nachos for movie night one night. Ya get the picture.

    I say that not to brag, but to let folks know that a small brisket it not too much to cook for your family, or hell for yourself!. I see a lot of folks on this fine forum getting flats or avoid trying brisket at all because they are too intimidated by the size of the brisket. Don't be. Look for a small, whole packer and go for it. I do them all the time and I have never thrown any brisket away. If I know I will have some left after 3 days I freeze a hunk and use to for chili later. Believe it or not, that rarely happens.  

    Ok, Ok, Ok, I won't rehash all the great things to do with brisket since there are a million threads here with ideas aplenty already. But really, a 10-12lb packer ain't that much beef. 

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