Testing New Products Redux

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  1. Last weekend I tested a couple of new products; Butcher BBQ Brisket Injection and An Auber UDS Temperature Controller. This is the thread for anyone interested.


    Well the Auber was defective. I was bummed but these things happen. I have an Auber controller for my Electric that I use to great success for sausage, where I can set  6 stages and ramp up the temp. So I have faith in the company. I called Monday morning and by noon had an email stating that a replacement controller was on the way and a prepaid label was in there for returning the old one. Cool. 

    It got here Thursday. So like I do every weekend I am smoking some meat and hoping to get a good test and review in ernest this time for the Auber. 

    For those interested it is the SYL-1615SYS-10CFM and is $144 right now. It is simple and is just a probe, a fan and a basic controller to set a temp and hold a temp. 

    So got my UDS prepped last night and rubbed the ribs first thing this am

     So here are the other "new" products tested today. First time doing lump in the UDS. RO Lump to be exact. Lit it with 12 Stubbs briquettes:

    Haven't used the hanging rack yet either. So what the hay. 

    These Baby Backs are just barely touching my deflector/drip pan. We'll see how this works out. I have plenty of clearance from the coal basket so no problems hanging just about anything sans deflector pan. I "designed" the UDS for using the hanging rack without a deflector/drip pan, a la my PBC. But I am giving this technique a shot today. 

    I won't string this thread out over the whole day. I post end results this afternoon. Sometimes it is just easier to break it up into 2 posts.

    BTW, the Auber is working flawlessly. It has been within 1* on either side of 250* for the first hour. At least I have not been able to catch it off anymore than that. I am gonna tighten my Maverick settings to within 5 degrees over and under to see if it sets it off. 
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  2. So officially this Auber Temperature Controller For Charcoal Smoker with 10 CFM fan is the AWESOME (at least on its real maiden smoke).I have yet to see it deviate more than 3* =+/- set temperature, save for the times I opened the lid for various reasons. I set my Maverick to +/- 5* and never got an alarm.

    I put it through the paces thoroughly having it hold various temps and opening the lid rather often. Not all of this was done for testing purposes but part of my method, since I spritz once or twice on the ribs, wrap them for 30 then unwrap for around an hour, basting, putting on the chicken......you get the picture. 

    I quickly remembered what others have said, that for temp recovery sake, just unplugging the controller (achieved by slightly pulling out the power supply insert from the controller) is advantageous. Not mandatory, but advantageous, because when the lid is opened for any appreciable amount of time, heat leaves the chamber, the probe temps drops and the fan kicks on. No biggie. But when you close the lid, excess O2 added will flare the coals and raise the temp within a minute. However, the temp will increase at a faster rate that what the probe can detect, so in essence you have a fan blowing for 30 seconds to a minute before the probe gets acclimated to the chamber temp. So, a brief unplug until the probe gets to the chamber temp, maybe 90 seconds or so and all is fine. IF you are in a hurry to get the temps back down quickly, closing the lid vents will help. I didn't as I am not concerned with temporary temp spikes. I realize this is old knowledge for many, but for anyone interested in a controller that hasn't used one, it may be of help. 

    2nd "new" product tested: Royal Oak Lump Charcoal. I have been using KB and mostly Stubbs of late. Works great with no issues. But I wanted to try lump. Glad I did. I think the flavor was excellent. Thanks to one of Al's recent posts I also added more wood. I hit the smokiness I was looking for. Again, the briquettes worked great, but these ribs and chicken really rocked. I will likely use lump for smoking and use briquettes for grilling. 

    Here are some pics of the finished Q:

    Just before a quick wrap:

    Post baste and all done. Gonna sit for a few. 

    Thighs done:

    Got some bite through on the skin. Bingo. 


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