Teriyaki Beef Jerky in HD video

Discussion in 'Beef' started by wingman, May 24, 2010.

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    Thought I would make my first post in the new forum a jerky video. This is a recipe I really like. Unfortunately I was up until 2 AM as I got a late start. I was planning on talking the day off but duty called and well it was a short night. [​IMG]  looks like the emoticons work!

    Marinade ingredients:

    2 cups Soy Sauce

    2 cups Teriyaki

    2 cups Worcestershire

    1 cups crushed pineapple

    2 Tbsp brown sugar

    1/2  Tbsp salt

    1 Tbsp garlic powder

    1 Tbsp coarse ground black pepper

    1 Tbsp McCormick's Mesquite seasoning

    2 cloves fresh chopped garlic.

    Since I like it spicy on some of the meat I added some Mandarin Habanero rub. Love this stuff! I smoked the first 5 hours at 160 degrees. Due to time constraints the last hour was at 180. This produced a darker color then I like but and it was a bit dryer too. That said... it was still great tasting and the stuff I took into work was gone in no time.


    Here's the Video... Hope you Enjoy...

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    Wingman, I knew you were going to be the first to jump in on this one. Congrats on a great video embedded thread.
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  3. wingman

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    Yes and I got to watch the video from inside this great forum. This way I don't miss any advertisements to the right. [​IMG]
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    I finally got the picture to go up. When I tried yesterday I got a Maintenance page and figured day 1 growing pains..
  5. Wingman, that is one awesome recipe. I will have to try this real soon. I've been making jerky for quite some time in a dehydrator, but you just inspired me to try smoking it. I have a few questions. 1. Where did you get the smoking rack? 2. Do you have a recipe for the Mandarin Habanero rub? and 3. Where do you purchase the large Teriyaki at? I've looked in several stores, asian stores and in the institution section and can't find a jug that size. Thanks for a great video and any information you have.
  6. wingman

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    Thanks BayouChilehead,

    1) The smoke rack can be purchased from any Traeger dealer. Traeger wants $91 for it. I paid $60. Find a local dealer and call them and tell them you want one but not for $90. They should be able to get you one just above cost. Mine did... This is a heavy well made rack.

    2) The Mandarin Habanero rub can be purchased from Louisiana grill co. I love this stuff. This is the first time I have tried it. it's not too hot but does have a nice burn that takes a bit to get up to temp. http://www.louisiana-grills.co.uk/index.php/rubs-and-spices/85-rubs.html

    3) The Teriyaki sauce is the kikkoman's and I got the big bottle at Costco. A while back I picked up 3 bottles.
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    Nice job on the vid. [​IMG]
  8. Great job and great video.  You've inspired me to try to make my own jerky.

    Did your finished jerky come out thinner than the original 1/4" thickness you cut?  I am used to commercial jerky so 1/4" seems a bit thick if that is the end result.  Thanks.
  9. wingman

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    Thanks Meateater & Brew!

    Brew, the jerky does shrink up during the drying process. If you cut the emat as I did in the video it ends up a good thickness and length. Everyones tastes and likes are different so I would give it a go and see how you like it.
  10. mythmaster

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    NICE!  I love how you do your vids in fast-motion!  I like the music, too.

    Thanks, and keep them coming! [​IMG]
  11. Thanks for the info, I will try my hand at smoking this soon!!
  12. For those of us too cheap to buy the smoke rack listed above, consider a stackable cooling rack.  My wife has a set for the kitchen that I may steal for the smoker...

  13. wingman

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    Brew this is a very good option for smoking racks. The Traeger rack is expensive and it's heavier then it needs to be for cooking purposes. The stackable rack provides for greater flexibility as well.  [​IMG]

    Here is yet another one I like. $29.95 This one is also collapsible.  

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  14. Nice find Wingman.

    I have another question as I prepare to make jerky this weekend.  Does this jerky need to be refrigerated to be stored?  I realize that kind of defeats the purpose of jerky, but since we are not adding nitrates, nitrites or other preservatives like commercial jerky, I want to be sure I can ship some to my friend.  Thanks.
  15. wingman

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    You know that is a good question and one I can't answer. I have always refrigerated it except when I take it to work. I have had it in my desk drawer for days and its seems to stay the same and taste the same. I'm still alive and typing. That said I don't like to intentionally lead folks in the wrong direction. Why don't you post a question about this very subject. I'm curious now.

    Update, I did some searching on this subject and what I found was that if its dried it doesn't't need to be refrigerated as bacteria need moisture. That makes me wonder how dry is dried? Some folks like moister jerky as it chews easier. This will probably make a good subject post. Heck it may already be in this forum some where.
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