Tenting or wrapping a tenderloin.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by david0131, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. I read that many of you tent or wrap the pork tenderloin after it reaches 140-145 in foil. What I can't figure out is if you put it back in the smoker to while the smoker is cooling down or if you keep it out of the smoker?
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    David.... most folks cook to 140 ish, wrap in foil and a rest...  either by itself or wrapped in a towel....  on a plate to keep warm until served...

  3. Thanks I did foil it it tasted delish!!!
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    Pork Loin and Tenderloins should never be cooked over 140*F. If you were to put it in the smoker it would keep cooking. If diners are ready to be seated. 15-20 minutes on the counter loosely tented. If more time is needed you can wrap in foil and a towel, But pull it a 135*F because a 5-10*F rise from Carryover will continue to cook the meat...JJ
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    Depends on what kind of smoker you have:

    I use an MES 40, and I am able to change my temp easily. I sometimes stop the smoking temp when the meat has only a few degrees to go. Then instead of pulling it & wrapping it in a towel & putting it in a cooler, I leave it in the smoker in foil. Then I reset the heat to a few degrees below the Meat IT. Then I open the door a short time to let the heat get down to the new setting. Now the meat will not cool too much, and the meat doesn't know it's not in a cooler wrapped in a towel.

    Works Awesome!!!


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