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    looking forward to seeing the final results! I need to get a hot plate again. Sold one this summer at a garage sale, not thinking I needed it for anything!!! Right now cold smoking here is more like frozen smoking!
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    Here is a couple of examples of the type of sausage I'm making, I'm sure there are lots of others that make fresh Tenn Country sausage, these two examples I found while searching the net.

    Have you heard of t the Loveless Cafe here in Tenn

    (they probably make their own instead of buying from someone)

    (video is made by RIDEL149 whoever he is)

    Check it out recipe, no cure because he's smoking at 35-40deg

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    If you were to compare this sausage to normal breakfast sausage you would be very, very surprised!! The taste is totally different even when I have made standard breakfast sausage & adding powdered smoke (ACLeggs brand) still no comparison. There is a natural smoke and cure tang taste that only be achieved in the directions above.

    This batch that I just fried up,  taste and smells like the Tn Smoked Sausage that I have purchased from local farmers and at the grocery. The difference in this still sticking to the cloth. In the past the purchased sausages did adhere to the bags, not quite as bad as this, BUT I consider this a success, so thanks for following along with this thread, and thanx for any comments, etc.


    Final temp b/4 removing from smoker

    Thanks for looking

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    Looks Real good! I'll be putting this on my list of things to try! Thanks!
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    Thank You Dirt for following along,

    this was a learning experience for me really enjoyed documenting it , although, PITB sometimes but well worth it if someone learned from it,

    that's what I believe this forum SMF is all about,

  6. I want to make Tenn. Country Smoked Breakfast Sausage.  I have two questions; 

            Number 1;  What is SPC?

            Number 2;  How long do I smoked the sausage.  I will use 2 inch socks for cantainers to smoke in with a small patio smoker.

    Regars; deerviews
  7. Soy Protein Concentrate

    Can't help you on the socks. Never used em befor.
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    Good Morning Deerviews,

    Tenn country sausage making is usually a winter time project when outside temps are between 40 and 60 deg.

    I don't know what the temp is where U R or what kind of smoker U R using lt's very important that the temp in the smoker is not be above 70 deg.

    I had to build a smoker to make the sausage because my MES30 temp starts at 100deg.  You don't want to cook the sausage just smoke

    You should smoke for two --three days. The sausage will be raw which will require frying.

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    I love the looks of this recipe. The only bad thing about it is I have to wait till next winter to try it. I liked the step by step pics of the temp too. Keep up the good work...
  10. Thanks Tennsmoker.  I like your advice.  Sounds like what I remember on the farm in Henry County, Tenn. 

  11. Thank you Jarhead.  Makes sense.

  12. Sorry for bringing up an old tread.  I just saw this, it reminds me of the sausage I used to see in small towns growing up in Kentucky.  I would like to try this one.
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    Yep Fish, [​IMG]

    it's the same breakfast sausage that you can find in lot's of small Tenn/Ky country stores about this time of year (should be colder to slaughter hogs)

    another two or three wk's when the weather is in the 40's & 50's will be the ideal time.

    Just follow the procedure that I laid out, especially the "salt cure" shouldn't have any problem. [​IMG]  Just remember you need more pork fat that's in a packaged pork butt.

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    Good to see others doing the country smoked breakfast sausage. This is now in its 4th generation in my family and I am currently trying to finish my smokehouse so I can be ready for the cold weather. Im new to the forums and look forward to learning from others..
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  16. Tenn Smoker,

    I'm new to the forum and interested in everything!! Could you give me a run down on your equipment setup? Did you build you box, and is the cold smoke coming from the mailbox? How do you maintain the constant temp for that long of time? Maybe some close up pictures.

    Thank You

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    Good Evening Charlie,[​IMG]

    welcome to SMF.  I don't know what part of the country you're from but it would help to know because when you make this type of country smoked sausage the ambient temps need to be in the 40-60deg range for the three day smoke process.

    You can go into your profile and fill out the needed info such as your city & state location.

    I do this type of cold smoking in the smoke house I built see this thread http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/127538/smoke-house-plans-materials-plus-1st-q-views.

    I use the  [​IMG]

    Amaze-N- Pellet Smoker

    to generate the smoke, light it then put it in the mailbox mod, fill this baby with pellets and it will last from 8-10 hrs depending on weather conditions, etc. I don't know what equipment you're referring to, but in a nutshell, you grind, mix the meat with the spices & stuff in the bags and smoke, that's putting it real simple. The recipe I use is at the beginning of this post on page one.

    What I would suggest is using the search feature on this sight top of each web page and read, read and read some more, also ask questions about things you don't understand.  There are many others on this sight that knows a heck of a lot more than I do.

    Hope this helps,

    Tennsmoker [​IMG]
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    Did you do your own ties or order with ties attached
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    thanks for the question about the country sausage. The ties used for hanging the sausage bags in the smoke house can be done different ways. I use two different types of hanging, both accomplish the same purpose.

    #1 you can purchase the butcher's cord from several different sausage supply venders. (see pic) I use ~~Butcher Supply Company: 1040 3rd Avenue South Nashville, TN, 37210 800-896-5945, also I purchase the sausage bags from there. They do not come with any ties.

    #2 I bought the hog rings & pliers from ~~The Sausage Maker, Inc., 1500 Clinton St, Bldg 123 : (716)824-5814 Buffalo, NY 14206-3099

    Hope this helps,


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    Lordy you do alot. So butchers twine will do the trick?

    Heres my pliers. Thanks for the info.

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