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    In looking at various smoke cookers large enough for concessions it seemed that regulating heat was a problem when the doors were opened and closed during cooking. It ocurred to me that the recovery time could be shortened and total cooking time decreased if a exaust fan was put in-line on the chimney and used briefly following opening of the door. The draw of air would increase the fire box heat and pull a burst of heat back in and recover the loss. Ash could probably be kept from being sucked into the pits by several methods if it became an issue. When time counts, but tending the meat is necessary, doesn't it make sense to improve preformance. Or am I missing something here? I note that one company claims the high temperature seal around their doors decreases heat recovery time by retaining the smoke and heat.
  2. Hello and "Welcome".  Yes that exhaust fan would speed up recovery or you could use a fan on the firebox.  Either would increase the heat and so cut recovery time.  It would not take much of a fan and so ash should not be much of an issue.  As I see it the problem lies in a couple places when using charcoal and wood chips/pellets.  First forcing air is going to use much more fuel.  Second forcing air will probably cause the chips/pellets to ignite rather than smoulder and smoke.  And finally temperature control will be a nightmare unless you can automate control of the fan and vents.  You open the smoker, lose heat, open vents, turn on the fan to raise temp, then close the vents because now it's too hot.  REPEAT!  If I were going to do a consession for an all day event I would use one smoker and a warming unit.  One large smoker doing the "work" with staggered starting times for the meat so it gets done at different times during the day and then a smaller unit ( electric roaster, propane bbq etc. ) to use to just keep the meat warm that you are using to serve from.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!

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    The fan in the exhaust is not a great idea it would in a short time become so gunked up it would quit working. There is a product called BBQ GURU and others that control pit temp. by inducing air into the fire box in a very controled manner. I agree totaly with KC5TPY about the warming box to keep food hot and ready for service. Many of the larger commercial pits incorporate them in their design and use the firebox for heating them. As far as the high temp seals go any smoker that is sealed well is much easier to control and maitain temps on.
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    A fan in the exhaust will have a short life from both the heat and the by products

    of what ever you are using for heat. Learn to control the heat and keep the door 

    closed is a better idea.
    Happy smoken.
  5. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from another wet and cold day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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