Temperature Charts vs. Time for 3:2:1 baby back & St. Louis Style ribs - for Science ;-)

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    So I chart all of my smokes if I am home and not doing a set and forget smoke.  I do this so the next time I do a 12.4 pound whole turkey, I have a good idea when the stall will occur, how much longer until done, how many minutes per pound, etc..  The last 2 racks of ribs I did were 3:2:1 St. Louis Style and Baby Back ribs - which needs no thermometer - but I was curious anyway.  So this is my contribution to science:

    So -

    I tried my best to keep the probe away from the bones but you are allowed to question if the temperatures are accurate.

    The probe has been calibrated in ice water and boiling water...it is within 1 degree F.

    The probe was in the thickest part of the meat.

    The smoker was at 225F the entire time.

    The smoker was at full temp with smoke when ribs were placed in the smoker. 

    Both racks of ribs were fall-off-the bone delicious and were eaten naked.

    So here is the chart for the baby back ribs:

    And here is the chart for the St. Louis Style Ribs  

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    Points for being meticulous. I'm curious how the charts will overlay over a year when you are doing bigger hunks of protein. Will stalls be consistent enough to give you a predictable pattern? Also, have you thought about including humidity, air temp, wind?

    Thank you for sharing!
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    I do ribs by temp, not time.

    195 - juicy & tender.

    200 - fall off the bone.


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