Temperature accuracy?

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by smokeitmike, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. smokeitmike

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    So I'm currently smoking a leg and lamb and this is my first time using the Maverick Redi Chek 732 remote thermometer. I've noticed that the temp displayed on my RecTec digital read out and the maverick is vastly different... The Maverick is reporting only 244 and the RecTec is reporting 279.... that's almost a 40 degree difference which could be the difference between overcooked on the outside and underdone on the inside or a host of other cooking issues. So which device is more accurate? Should I rely on the RecTec temp gauge or the Maverick? Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks everyone!
  2. timberjet

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    Generally the probes that come with smokers are suspect. You can do a quick check on either or both with boiling water. 212 degrees at sea level.
  3. bear55

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    I own a Rec Tec and the smokers thermometer is within 3 degrees of my Maverick.  I would follow timberjet's suggestion about checking the Maverick in boiling water.  If you find the Maverick is correct I would give Rec Tec a call and let them know the unit's thermometer is so far off.  they are great people and will help you if they can.
  4. oconeeal

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     My was also off.  I called Rec Tec and he had me run a hour test then told me how to adjust the temp prob on the Rec Tec and now it only off by a couple.  Give them a call.
  5. smokeitmike

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    Thanks for the advice everyone, the lamb came out fine; I just had to watch it like a hawk. Sometime this week I'm going to do the boiling water test to see which is most accurate. BTW which temp gauge do you guys use or recommend?
  6. You can spend a lot time and effort trying to make the RT reading match the Mav. My advice is to trust the Mav and adjust the RT accordingly. You will find the changes you need to make will vary with the ambient temperature. The point is, don't sweat it. To a large degree, cooking temperature doesn't make that much difference. But your will get more smoke on the RT at lower temperatures. Just enjoy it.

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