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    Hey all,

    I am currently doing a fridge to smoker conversion.  I have a 1/2" x 3" long conduit raceway between the interior and the exterior for running temp probes into the cook chamber.  I noticed that the 2 probe Maverick thermometers have different styles of probes for measuring meat temp and cook chamber temp.  The meat sensor is typically curved and pointed and the cook chamber temp sensor is straight and blunt.  I was looking for some input on what people think about modifying the curved probe.  I would need to bend it straight to get it through the 1/2 pipe into the chamber.  With it curved, it will not fit through the pipe and the 90 degree angled jack will not fit through the pipe either.  Does anybody see any issues about gently taking that bend out of the sensor?  I am not sure if that bend serves any purpose other than making it easier to insert into meat.  I am not sure if these sensors are RTDs or thermocouples.  I'm thinking a good majority of the stainless jacket of the probe is for housing the wires that go to the junction.

    Any thoughts?
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    usually the 1/2" end of the probe is where the temp is measured. Not on all but most.
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    Use a "snake" and pull the wire end through the raceway...
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    I would, but the jack that plugs into the thermometer base is too large to fit through.
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    Just in case anybody wants to know, I took my curved meat probe and removed the curve in it.  I needed to get my probe in my new smoker through a raceway, so I took out the curve by bending it.  It still works, so everything is cool.............well not cool, warm.........you get the idea.  Boy, those probes bend hard!
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     A couple of pliers and brute strength.[​IMG]   That stainless they are using is some tough crap.  I just worked it out a little bit at a time, I didn't want to kink the probe, but I don't think that will be a problem.  Mine bent pretty hard.
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    Ignore me, I'm an idiot some days :)
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