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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokeassassin, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. I know there is a stall in cooking a brisket but this thing has been holding at 150 for two hours..... what's the norm? I'm about to ditch this and go get take out for dinner.

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  2. jarjarchef

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    Every cut of meat has its own stall time. I cook mine at 250-275 to lower the stall time.
  3. I got a nine pounder..... put it on at 9 this morning at 225, its now 7:30 and the temp is at 153. I gave up on it and went to dinner. Guess its brisket sandwiches tomorrow.

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  4. jarjarchef

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    At 225 a 9 pounder you are looking at a 12-15 hr cook. That is why I cook at higher temps. I dont have the time or pacients to babysit a smoker for a full day and over night. If you talk to most comp smokers they cook at almost 300 or higher for their comp cooks for the same reason.

    But sliced beef sandwiches are never a bad thing!
  5. smokingunny

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    I cooked a 7 pound brisket the other day at 250-275 and it hit an IT of 200 at 6 hours,50 minutes.
  6. maxbear

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    I smoked a 10 Pound Prime Brisket last night. Put it on @ 5:00AM did not getter done till 8:00P.

    I may have wrapped it to early internal temp of 155.I recorded my every step so if it did not come out how I wanted I could change for the next smoke. Here was my process.

    I put a Mustard /Pickle Juice slather so the the rub would stick. Mixed Coarse Black Pepper / Kosher Salt / and Montreal Steak seasoning as a rub.Put in fridge the night before. Pulled it from fridge 2 hours before smoking.

    Went on the smoker @ 275  fat side up. After 2 hours I flipped fat side down sprayed it with water/pickle juice.3 hours later for total time of 5 I checked internal temp of 145. I did spray every hour in between.

    Let it smoke 3 more hours for total time of 8 checked temp again it was at 155.Wrapped it in butcher paper which looking back I think was to early. I have read that you should wrap at 170 IT.I thought wrapping would speed up the process. May work with Foil but butcher paper I think not. I am no expert just speculating.

    Smoked 4 more hours checked temp was only 170 IT.Got scared dinner was close put it in the oven @ 290 with butcher paper. Maybe my smoker thermostat is wrong but it showed 275-290 through the smoking.I need to invest in a wireless thermo.

    Left in oven 3 more hours pulled it temp was 185 so I started slicing. Brisket was good but not great. I would have liked it to be around 198 or so before pulling.I let it rest 30 minutes.

    Things I would change.Start fat side down until I wrap.Wait for internal temp of 170.Get a 2 probe thermometer Only spray during the wrapping. This should I think keep better heat and shorten cook time.I don't mind the long haul but dang I was as drunker than Cooter Brown when I was done.

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