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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by smokerrookie, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a couple of exterior temp gauges from my smoker, so that I can tell the enternal temp of my smoker. Thanks for any links
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    Got a Tel-Tru. Very good. www.teltru.com Look under "Temperature Products"
    and click on BBQ thermometers.
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    I second the Maverick ET-73. A great thermometer.
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    I bought mine at Home Depot. Cost me a whoppin $4. Works like a charm.
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    Great novelty ... but $19 .... ouch!
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    if you have an academy store nearby, i bought 2 "old smokey" brand thermometers there. i paid like $9+tax each for them. work like a charm, and accurate out of the package. i got the 2¼" diameter ones. see the pic to see them. hth
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    I know this a little off topic as far as the application goes, but for accuracy's sake.

    I like Taylor® products for reliability and warranty. That's who I'm going with. Maverick's® okay, but they have probe troubles, so I'm going with Taylor. I bought a leave in thermometer yesterday at Mobile Fixture for $9.00. I'll use it to calibrated the cheaper one's I own. Only down side is the range only goes to 185°F. For now, it's okay for beef and chicken. As for pork, I'm going to get Taylor® instant read just for that.

    The one I'm interested is a new one they have come out with. I'll have to find a dealer to get it.

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