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  1. Okay. I have a Brinksman Trailmaster limited edition smoker. So my biggest issue is temp control. I've watched on youtube many guys fill their smoker with coals only once and it lasts for a few hours. I keep having to place new coals every hour or so because I stop seeing smoke(even the thin smoke) I tried to add a lot one time, but it burned my meat. I need help.
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    Morning... Your smoker needs to be "air tight" in order to control the temperature... air leaks screw stuff up... Check that out first.....
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    I agree, the smoker needs to be fairly air tight.  After that, you adjust your vents to control burn/heat.  For the most part, charcoal/coals are just a heat source.  Smoke will come from wood/wood chips and are simply added to the heat source.  How long the heat source will last can vary based on outside temp, the temp you are attempting to maintain, and the source material (ie: briquettes, lump, wood, etc.).

    I've not used that grill, but start with the outlet vent mostly/completely open and the inlets (above and below fire) open equally.  Opening the inlets should increase temp, closing should decrease.  Trial and error will help narrow down how much to have each open to get a desired temp. 
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