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  1. just seasoned my 36 patio.    just wanted to ask how do you control the temp and how do you control the amount of smoke.

    i just got a rick of nice seasoned oak and i have a 1/2 rick of apple wood that i will be using.

    planning on using it this Friday.   weatherman is talking about low outside temp (50f) and 50% chance of rain.

    what do you do if it comes a down pour and a slow steady rain?

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    If it rains, you have two choices: 1) burn up some extra wood to keep chamber temps high enough to cook; 2) get it under a roof of some kind even if it's temporary like a quick-up gazebo...just inside a garage, if you have to, but probably not while a car is inside...a covered patio is the way I like to roll. Keeping it out of the rain will make temp control easier.

    Were you looking for general fire control info (not sure if you're completely new to solid fuel-fired cookers or not), or specific set-points from Lang users?

    General info:

    Temp control is via the fire box intake draft controls and, to reduce the flow through the smoke chamber, you can reduce draft on the vent stack with the damper...don't fully close the vent or you could completely shut down the flow of heat, thus put the fire out and/or create stale/stagnant smoke which produces a bitter taste on your food.

    You'll have to play with your rig to find out the best fire box and vent damper settings for the wood you're burning, ambient temps, wind and precipitation. I would start your fire with full open fire box intakes, and when temps climb over 200*, start backing off the intakes to about 1/3 or less, then watch where it goes and make further adjustment as needed to reach the desired chamber temp. Once you get a baseline, take a few notes on ambient temps and other conditions so you can find that sweet spot quicker the time time you fire it up.

    I'm not familiar with any issues and can't give more than generic info for the Lang smokers...never had the pleasure of running one, but hopefully some Lang owners will jump in and offer some better baseline set-points for temp control.

    Congratulations on your new Lang! I hear they are top-notch for reverse-flow smokers, and the simplicity of the design makes them virtually trouble-free.

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    On my 60D, I leave the stack vent open and just control the air flow with the air intakes. Once you learn your Lang temp control will be a snap.

    I start my Lang with the cook chamber open; fire door open and all 4 air intakes open.  My fire lay is made up of 6 splits of oak laid in a Lincoln pattern. Hit it with the log starter (propane weed burner) and let it burn-after 15 minutes, close the fire box door and close the cook camber door. When the chamber temp reaches 300° close the front air intakes (closest to the fire box) all the way, adjust the two back intakes (closest to the fire box door) to 1/2 closed, put the meat into the chamber-chamber temps will drop- let the temps climb back up and approch 300° and then close the back intakes to 1/4 open-temps will then settle and run between 225° abd 250°. Add anouther split or two fruit wood about every 45 minutes.

    If you build too hot a fire and you need to drop temps fast, open the chamber door; open the fire box door and start pulling out the splits-Make sure that no pets or kids are in the area and you have a SAFE place to deposit your burning splits. It is easier to add splits one or two at a time to take you temps up to your desired cooking temps rather than having to pull out burning splits.

    Ben Lang has some nice instructions on firing up a Lang on his site.

    Enjoy the smoke!

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