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Discussion in 'Beef' started by shelton573, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. shelton573

    shelton573 Meat Mopper

    As far as beef goes, I have only smoked cheese burgers and a couple of ribeyes.  I have been wanting to smoke some cut of beef for a while now but cant settle on what I want to do.  Tri-tip is out of the question because it seems like Iowa don't allow that cut of meat.  I am wanting a cut I can smoke to med rare then reverse tell me what cut I should try!  Open to any suggestions and how to cook, what wood to use, etc.  I have some Big Poppa Smokers double steak rub I want to try as well but I'm open to seasoning suggestions.  Thanks for any input!

  2. forluvofsmoke

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    Yeah, Tri-Tips are among my favorite for reverse sear...thing is, they a few and far between as there are only 2 per animal. Prices here are sky-high now...they price it higher than tenderloin, lately, and you have to request getting on a list to get them....[​IMG]...I opt out...I'll wait 'til I go someplace that has them sitting in the cooler and grab an arm-load (last time that happened was 2 years ago).

    Maybe this will help you decide what to go for next...pretty realistic descriptions of the primal cuts and their respective sub-primals:

    Credit to Pops6927 for posting it HERE.

    BTW, eye of round should work nicely for reverse sear...just roll it slowly or prop it over a glowing bed of coals for an even sear

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  3. shelton573

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    Thanks for the info and the link Eric! I plan to smoke whatever cut I do at 200-225. Thought about doing a blend of hickory and cherry for the smoke. Will that work alright with beef?

  4. bdskelly

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    In my opinion the Ribeye is the best for reverse sear. Second place is the New York Strip. b
  5. forluvofsmoke

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    You're welcome. Probably try to target the 225* range for the start, just to pasteurize the surface quickly...then drops in temp of a few degrees won't hurt anything with intact whole muscle meat. Hickory/Cherry blend is a good combo for most cuts of with a sweet finish from hickory, and a heavier but slightly sweet overall profile from the cherry...the cherry seems to balance out the hickory somewhat, IMHO. I use that very combo quite a bit, myself...sometimes I even add some pecan for a bit more depth. Either way, I've never had complaints from anyone...not even from somewhat finicky eaters.

    If it's a larger roast that has had the bone removed and then folded together to create a boneless roast, this should be treated as a compromised muscle and is recommended that the 40-140*/4-hr guideline be adhered to. Info on that is found HERE, if you need it. Basically, in these instances, you want to hold a 225*+ chamber temp at least until the meat has passed through the 40-140* internal temp range in 4 hours (or less). I would take it a bit further by adding that US Food Code recommends holding beef at 135* I/T for 30 minutes before serving (to pasteurize it internally), if 135* will be the finished temp...been a while since I read that portion, so anyone, please, correct me if I'm wrong, as I personally don't practice that method. Point is, I know best what I learn AND use...don't use that one, so...I could wrong.

    Anyway, just thought I'd toss out a few short-cuts for you to get you rolling easier and sooner...whatever you choose, have a GREAT smoke!!!

    Dang, just re-read this...I must be tired...LOL!!!

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  6. shelton573

    shelton573 Meat Mopper

    Thanks for the info Eric! Unfortunately I didn't get to fire up the smoker this weekend. Life, a birthday party and large amounts of beer happened lol! Hoping to give it a try this weekend when I go to my brothers for the 4th. They seem to have a better beef selection down there too so maybe I will stumble on a tri tip if I'm luck but will settle for something else. I'll keep you all posted!


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