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Discussion in 'Test Area' started by snowdog71, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. So our computor crashed awhile back now we have a new one, when i try to add pictures of my own 0r even the dancing smiley faces, it comes up as some weird computor language, any ideas or do I need to call geek squad? And my spell check dissapeared
  3. nevermind:102:
  4. :yahoo::yahoo:
  5. ? nevermind 102, 102 is one of the smileys, some come up some dont and the picture came up we will see:102:
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    whenever you load pictures or try to add a smiley that's the way it will do until you click on submit... but you can click preview first before submitting and see your pictures or smileys .... if everything looks good then you can click on submit....
  7. Its just so weird cause it did not do this before. I know they did some work to the server, and our computer also crashed, and was replaced so between the two things I dont know what has changed. Anyway got it figured out kinda.:sausage:
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    This is test
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