Tea pot cold smoke attachment

Discussion in 'Other' started by g7mag, Nov 14, 2015.

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    I put together a cold smoke attachment for the smoke vault & it's working great so far. It really puts out the smoke. Used a $5 stainless tea pot from Walmart & drilled some hole in the bottom of it for air.  I used some 1" pipe I had in the shop with a T.  Threaded a piece of 3/8" pipe into it & hooked up an old fish tank pump to it to push the smoke into the smoke vault. The nice thing about using the teapot is that it has a big opening and I am using chunks of wood instead of chips or pellets.  Just set it on a hot plant & I was in business.   Cold smoked some lox & about 5# of cheese this afternoon & first taste was really good.


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