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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by upsman, Apr 16, 2012.

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    well i went and got me one of these just to give it a try and  not to impressed with the cord with the rubber casing on it. so since i am new at using a thermometer like this with the rubber casing was wondering if you pros could tell me what i should do about the heat on it when i put it in the meat and the rest of the cord hangs on my smoker and the lid where the heat rises right up. aluminum foil it maybe???? preciate any comments you may have and any tweeks on this themometer. [​IMG]
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    Yep, foil it up, end to end. I used to just keep adding layers to mine about every 3rd or 4th smoke, then after it's built up thick, the heat won't do much to 'em and neither will a pinch or kink (actually pretty hard to get a kink with that much foil on 'em). Just watch out for the plug end, so it doesn't get in a bind with the stiffness of the rest of the cable.

  3. upsman

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    Thank You Eric preciate you very much for the info!

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