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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by taterdavid, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. taterdavid

    taterdavid Smoke Blower

    So i got the ECB and did some upgrades.After reading lots of post I saw one where the guy was using a weber for his charcoal pan (don't remember the name but i'll look it up and give him credit cause i was thinking it and looking at the weber but never put it together).any way heres the pics

    Basic pic, legs on the outside and the weber

    heres a comparison of the original pan and the weber

    the vents added to the top

    the most important, a digital thermo, i got 2
  2. wutang

    wutang Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    At least you know the beer is cold-very nice
  3. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    I always check to see if the mountains are blue, is that not right? [​IMG]
  4. dingle

    dingle Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    A properly chilled beverage....very nice start to all smokes!!
  5. taterdavid

    taterdavid Smoke Blower

  6. white cloud

    white cloud Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    There are more holes on the lid under the cover aren't there? Im'e not being a smart a**, it either opened or closed, but I think it would work better and more adjustable with a series of holes on the lid and an elongated hole on the pivoting cover, so you can open as many or as little as needs be
  7. taterdavid

    taterdavid Smoke Blower

    its still developmental right now, i could add more or make bigger holes as needed.plus i can partially cover the holes to allow less or more flow. being a water smoker it should be pretty constant.i'll find out more this weekend

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