TasunkaWitko's Method for Spare Ribs

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  1. (These took 3rd in the 2008 Chinook Annual Rib Cook-off – could have taken 1st, if my team would have voted for itself!)

    Stuff needed –

    · Plain, Yellow Mustard
    · Durkee’s St. Louis Style Rub (get more than you think you will need)
    · Low-sodium soy sauce (Kikkoman is good)
    · Dr. Pepper
    · Olive oil
    · Apple Cider Vinegar
    · Dark Brown Sugar

    Before cooking:

    · Brush with mustard
    · Apply rub generously
    · Cover and let rub work in over night in refrigerator
    · Next morning, get smoker up to 225-250 degrees – sprinkle on a little more rub.

    During cooking (225-250 degrees MAX) :

    · Brush or spray with mop (1/3 cup olive oil, 1 cup Dr. Pepper and 2/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce – zip with hand blender before using) every 45 minutes or so.
    · Turn and rotate ribs around on grates as necessary if horizontal smoker (not necessary w/vertical water smoker).
    · Keep a thin, almost-blue smoke. Recommended woods: apple, cherry, maple (or a 1:1:1 combination of these three) – or hickory.
    · Cooking time can be anywhere from three to five hours depending on conditions.
    · When INTERNAL temperature of ribs is just below 172 degrees and meat pulls away from bones a ways, they are ready for final stage.

    Final Stage:

    · Toward the end of cooking time for ribs, mix together in a small saucepan the ingredients for finishing glaze (1/3 cup mustard, 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/3 cup dark brown sugar) over low heat until completely dissolved and thoroughly blended. Cover and set aside.
    · Moments before ribs are ready to be pulled off, brush with glaze (both sides)
    · As soon as ribs are pulled off, brush with glaze again (oth sides).

    BBQ sauce?

    · Ribs cooked this way shouldn’t need any, but it is always good to serve some on the side, for those who don’t know that! ;)

    Read notes below, which might come in handy – any questions, just ask!

  2. Thanks for sharing buddy. Those sound GREAT.
    Got a nice rack of spares cryoed in the fridge.
    Now I will try this method.
  3. sounds good maybe worth a shot this weekend.thanks Tasunka
  4. guys -

    if you try this, please let me know what you think. it tastes GREAT to me, but i am interested in feedback in order to see if it can be improved.


  5. meat-man

    meat-man SMF Premier Member

    Hey brother thanks for sharing ! That sounds good I will have to give it a try !
  6. sound good
  7. mulepackin

    mulepackin OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    These sound very, very good[​IMG]and I'm gonna try them, but I gotta ask since I know Chinook, and you know I don't mean anything disparaging by it, but how many teams competed?[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. fair question, mule!

    there were a total of 10 teams, each of three or four people. i am not sure how many showed up for the event and did the judging (the crowd was the judge), but it was certainly over a hundred.

    four votes separated my team and the first place team. my team was my kids, and we didn't feel it was kosher to vote for our own. the winning team was four people, who voted for their own, along with their spouses.

    no sour grapes, though, because i was dang happy with taking 3rd! i had only heard of the contest the night before and entered on the spur of the moment. i do know one thing, my method was so different from everyone else's (there might have been one or two others doing anything that would be associated with southern BBQ; the rest were making good ribs, but the methods and flavors were more complimentary to beef) that i think with better organization next year i might just take the win - with luck!

    i was impressed with the fact that i placed at all, especially going up against a lot of folks who have been doing this a while. i owe my success to the folks here and at the other site (as well as my own), and also the the BBQ FAQ. my method as described above takes elements from all of those sources.

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