Taking Temp of a Foil Wrapped Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by f22loader, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. f22loader

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    Newbie here. Found this forum via a Google search and I've been sitting here reading it for over two hours! I've cooked a few briskets with varying success...Nothing trash worthy but some probably tasted better to the dog.

    I've got an MES and I'm using a Maverick ET-732. I've always wondered if you wrapped a brisket in foil how do you monitor the temp without piercing the foil with the probe? Do you just wrap more foil around the probe so that no heat/juices get out? Do the foil contacting the probe influence the temp reading?

    Looking for some ideas. I don't want to keep opening it up and checking the temp.

    Great forum here. I plan on sticking around a while and will be (hopefully) posting some pictures of some well cooked meat very soon!
  2. grillmonkey

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    Yeah, you can wrap it around the probe, won't hurt a thing. The foil isn't going to seal up air-tight anyway. If it did, evaporation from the meat would just cause it to swell and rupture anyway. Any effect on temp reading because it touches the foil would probably be negligible, it's wrapped in metal anyway.

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