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Discussion in 'Curing' started by v8trdude, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Hey All. Last week when I decided to try peameal for the first time, I also decided to give the buckboard a whirl. Sorry, no butchering pics as that is a skill I am still working on
    Last night was the 11th day in pop's brine so I pulled it, gave it a soak for about a half hour, good rinse and did the fry test

    Cut it up and passed some samples around for the family to try.
    After getting the seal of approval, stacked it on the cooling racks and let it sit until tonight in the fridge trying to get the pellicle
    Never done a pellice before, so I hope I got it close. Got it cherry seasoned, yes this seasoning is my new addiction. Love the flavours it imparts.
    Unfortunately, I was 2 hrs in to the smoke before I realized I had forgotten to season the meat. Opted for a pecan and cherry smoke for this batch.
    I have another 4# in the fridge that I was foing to do in a sugar maple/apple smoke tomorrow night.

    I do have one question though. Someone posted their bacon and had cold smoked it twice, and my apologies for forgetting who it was. But if I cold smoke it tonight and opt for a second smoke, can I split the batch, and maybe with the second smoke, try a warm smoke and bring the IT to 150? Or does the second smoke have to be a cold smoke as well?.

    Hope to have more pics in the morning. Thanks for looking.

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    I have cold smoked bacon for 6 days.... no smoke during the day..... smoke at night only for 6 hours.... You can change wood, add what ever... You can smoke the final smoke and bring the IT up to 136 ish or to 145 so it's fully cooked...
  3. Thanks Dave, that's good to know. Woke up at 2:30 this morning and decided to check on it. Looks like my pellets went out just after tucking in for the night, right where the tray goes around the corner for the next row. Got it re-lit and now has been going for another 4 hrs...will be pulling it out, wrapping and refrigerating in about another 1 1/2 hr.
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    You are going to LOVE it, new favorite for my friends & family.
  5. Thanks Trikefreak...if the taste testing was any indication, I have now created a serious addiction..lol
  6. Sorry, got busy last few days. Here are the results

    Used pecan and cherry to cold smoke. 2 smokes at 12 hrs each thanks to the AMNPS
    Then sliced some up for tastin
    Split what I had smoked up, and put 1/2 back in the smoker to bring up to 145*

    Still have a couple more chunks to cold smoke, but temps shot up, hoping to get the rest finished in the next couple days. May have to throw in a tray of ice.
    Gonna seriously have to consider a slicer if this keeps up tho'. Thanks for looking.

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