T-Bones on the Egg tonight but how to prepare them?

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by jrod, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. So I'm going to go high heat on my Green Egg tonight with a couple of T-bones for myself and my lovely bride. I have yet to make regular steaks on my egg so I kinda want to experiment a little bit.

    I would like to soak them in a simple marinade and lightly season them. The problem is I cannot find a good simple marinade. I looked in that section of the forums and just can't find what I'm looking for, so that is were I need some help.

    The ingredients I have to use would mainly be worcestershire sauce, white vinegar, olive oil, and of course my collection of dry spices (i.e. salt, pepper, garlic powder, basil, etc...) but not sure how to combine them. I was thinking about just winging it with a little worcestershire, olive oil, sale, pepper, & garlic powder.

    I dunno, I really have never marinaded a steak before. I usually just chunk it on the grill until medium and enjoy. :)
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    Thats the way I do it also because I like to just taste the Beef..dales makes a real good tasting one but do not overdo it follow the instruction on the bottle..and it is spelled just like I typed it...dales...
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    You have an expensive piece of meat. Like Roller said you want to taste the meat. We just coat it with EVOO, then lightly dust with Montreal Steak Seasoning.

  4. I have a few tbones in my deep freeze. My bro-inlaw has a buddy that raises cattle so its fresh local beef and I have plenty of it. [​IMG]

    So, just looking to try something different. Usually with steaks I just salt & pepper them and cook to medium.

    Next week I'm gonna do some beef short ribs from the same cow, but that's another topic. [​IMG]

    Maybe I will just try salt, pepper, and a little worcestershire.
  5. Please do not ruin this good piece of meat by "preparing" it.

    Kosher salt, coarse ground black pepper and grill it.

    That's all you need, plus your carniverous fangs and molars.

    Well, maybe a good chianti or tempranillo, but that's outside the discussion.
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    I dont know how thick your steaks are. Hope over an inch.

    I only use salt peppr onion and garlic...let it soak in while the Egg heats up.

    Get the Egg up to about 600-700 degrees. Both vents wide open.

    Toss the steaks on. Close it.

    Wait for 1.5 to 2 minutes flip them ...1.5 to 2 mins shut off both vents and let them cook for 2-3 minutes.

    Rest them for 5 minutes and you will have fabulous steaks rare to med rare.

     I have done about 100 steaks just like this..


    Dont forget the plate pics...
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  7. Craig my neighbor has a green egg and I need to get him to try some steaks.  We are both steak lovers.  Have any pics of your finish steak?
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    I'm with Craig on this one high heat short time and get a good sear. Then it's resting and eating time.

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