Switching From WSM To Electric?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jordon, May 10, 2015.

  1. jordon

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    I'm looking to get into an electric or pellet smoker after using a WSM. I really like my WSM, but I don't another person to help me get it set up anymore and I'd love to have something a little easier to just set and forget.

    In my mind I have a budget idea of around $400, but it is not firm.

    Any suggestions? I am a big bark guy, and I do enjoy a stronger smoke taste (I know I will probably lose a bit in these categories coming from charcoal).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. timtimmay

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    When my offset rusted out I went with a Bradley. It wasn't at ask the same smoking out of what looked like a college fridge, but the food was good. My struggle was the heating element in the cheap units aren't big enough. I had to add a second element to mine.

    I just joined the pellet family today, but haven't cooked yet. That takes me though every style but your old one.
  3. jordon

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    Which Bradley did you have? It looks like the Bradley 4 Rack is getting good reviews.
  4. timtimmay

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    I had the six rack. Same element as the four rack which was under powered. I'm sure it's fine for a summer only cook, but not for year round.
  5. jordon

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    What did you decide on for the pellet? I like to cook year-round.
  6. timtimmay

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    I decided on the rec tec. Price of a trager but much higher quality. I haven't cooked on it yet, but just comparing things like metal thickness between the trager at ace and the rec tec it's an obvious increase in stoutness. The only problem was waiting two weeks for delivery.
  7. I would suggest a MES 40 first generation with a AMNPS. That will give you a little cash to buy some pellets and food.

    Happy smoken.

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  8. cueinco

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    +1. I switched from a WSM to a MES-30 with an AMNTS. I like the results as well as the WSM. The big issue for me is usage. I've probably done twice as many smokes over the last year with the MES as I did in the 8 or so years that I had the WSM. 
  9. bearcarver

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  10. daricksta

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    I agree with David and Bear. The only problem with buying a MES 40 Gen 1 is finding one online or in a big box store. All I see is Gen 2 and 2.5 models for sale. The MES 30 Gen 1 continues to be both plentiful and a best seller.
  11. bmaddox

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    If you like everything about your WSM except for the effort required to maintain temps you could add a controller to it. For $150 you can get an auber controller with a fan that gives you the "set and forget" of an electric while maintaining all the benefits of charcoal.

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