Switching from Masterbuilt Propane 40" to MES 30"

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by srkays, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. srkays

    srkays Newbie

    Getting rid of my Masterbuilt 40" propane smoker.  Primary reason is temperature control.  Maybe it is me...don't know...but never have been able to keep the temperature below 200F.  Have it set to lowest setting and no chips and it still reaches and stays around 200F.  Not good for salmon and King Mackerel.  I live in Northwest Florida where summer time averages 90+ and high humidity.

    Planning on a MES 30" Digital (no Bluetooth) black with no window.  Seems to have the highest ratings and reviews.  I have seen where people were complaining about heating shutting down/turning off prematurely or any time during the smoke for no reason.  Would appreciate words of wisdom/lessons learned.

    Seems Masterbuilt is a very well made smoker.  Rank it up there with my Weber products I have owned for years.
  2. uncle eddie

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    I have an MES 40 and have had it for about 18 months of heavy use.  I have heard some negatives, same as you, but here is what mine does:
    • Original bluetooth thermometer was spot on when I calibrated it - no adjustments needed
    • I left the original bluetooth thermometer out in the rain and it was toasted...the replacement thermometer from MB was also spot on when I calibrated it - no adjustments needed
    • Temperature drift is maybe +/- 2 or 3F 
    • Bluetooth controller is good for monitoring but I control smoker from the smoker control panel.  I had some problems trying to set the smoker with the bluetooth.  Temperature would not go above 235F.
    • For short smokes I use the chip feeder
    • For long smokes I use my AMZNPS
    • And finally - I am pretty sure the next few smokes with be with an empty water pan.  The smoker is so tight that I think there is enough moisture from the meat...although I may put a small container of water in the smoker.  Not sure.
    Good luck!  Love my MES-40 2.5 and would buy it again.
  3. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    All you need to get the MB propane working at lower temps is a $20-$30 needle valve.
  4. srkays

    srkays Newbie

    Just a few questions regarding the AMZNPS please.

    Is there a specific size for the MES 30"?

    Do I just slide out the chip tray, put in their smoking product, and then just place the AMZNPS right on top of the coils?

    What happens to the ash...if there is ash...from the AMZNPS?  Lands right on top of the coils and I must then clean up (vacuum out) after the smoke.

    And last I assume I can contact the AMZNPS company and they will provide additional information.

    Appreciate as much information as you can provide.

    Thank you Uncle Eddie
  5. browneyesvictim

    browneyesvictim Smoking Fanatic ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Just set the AMNPS on the rods in the bottom left of the chip tray. The AMNPS was designed specifically to sit there in the Masterbuilts originally. Its the 5x8 you want. You can leave your square drawer chip tray in or take it out completely. Your choice. I take mine out when using the AMNPS. I think it allows a little better air flow to promote the combustion, but others here leave them in place and everything works just fine.

    There will be very little ash from the pellets left in the tray and only a tiny bit will fall through the perforations. No worries.

    There are a couple of you-tube videos on how to use the AMNPS I might recommend if you want to get a better understanding of how it works, but it really is that simple. Light it, let it go for a bit, blow it out, wait a bit longer, and then put it in.

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