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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by gibsorz, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. gibsorz

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    I don't have much to go on, but darnit I need help. When I was a kid, my mothers family who were from Switzerland used to make the most amazing sausage for their potato soup. It was all pork, of that I am sure, but it was very dry and probably quite a simple recipe. There were no fancy spices like tarragon, or paprika, probably just salt, pepper, a little garlic and more pepper. Sadly the recipe died with my grandfather as the boys were too young to learn it and the women were not privy to the information. Anyone come across something like this?
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  3. gibsorz

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    Nope definitely not landjager. Although I love it too!! the other family in their small Ontario town made that, they king of did a meat trade program. That is more of a cold eating pepperette, this one we would cook full sausages in the soup to give it some moisture. Although I will definitely have to make me some landjager.
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    How about Swiss Weisswurst?  I do have a recipe for that. Reinhard
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    Thanks Reinhard, I am going to go the trial and error method. On the farm the only spices my family had was
    Salt, pepper, sugar, garlic, maggi, powdered chicken broth and I am guessing it is some combination of that. They used lean steak cuts for the meat, along with some pure pork fat and it was smoked for a really long time in the smokehouse which my grandfather lit a fire on daily and they stayed there for weeks. I will be adding cure #1 as well. Once I complete my aging/drying freezer conversion I will start.

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