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Discussion in 'Sausage Makers' started by berrym, Feb 3, 2014.

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    So I finally got everything I need to make my 25Lb of Sweet Italian Sausage. The seasoning and natural hog casing came from Lem's and I got the pork butt from the local butcher. I was using a megaforce 3000 to grind and stuff the meat. The grinding went off without a hitch but the stuffing was a disaster. After grinding the meat I took the cutting blade out and put on the stuffing wheel and horn. What I failed to think of was there was still a small amount of unground meat still in the auger. After 3 1/2 hours of stuffing (which was extremely hard) I disassembled the machine to find that over 3/4 of the wagon wheel bit was impacted with unground meat. WOW... Live and learn. Overall and awsome fun experience and the end product was delicious. I would recommend the seasoning.

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    Good lookin' sausage..... congrats....

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    Thanks! I think I'm going to try kielbasa next.
  5. May I suggest a dedicated 5# stuffer instead of using the grinder?
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    I have been packing it in bags bulk for pizzas and Italian casseroles.
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    Hi Berry, Welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard.... Looking at your meat it looks like you might have some smear... Smear is when the meat is not cut but torn and mashed through the plate. When you make the kielbasa check your equipment. You shouldnt have to force/push the meat hard. This is how its supposed to look...

    When you make kielbasa use your larger coarse plate with the round holes... I would suggest purchasing a vertical stuffer and forget the stuffing with the grinder.. as you have found out it a pain in the butt...lol

    The sausage looks tasty.... Nothing like a good Italian sausage sandwich...........[​IMG]

  8. BerryM looking at your ground meat and the smear I think you got the cutter in your ginder in backwards your meat looks like mine did. Turned cutter around and it work awesome now. Rickado
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    Thanks for everyone's input. And good eye to everyone that notice the smeared meat. To be completely honest I have no experience preparing meat or any cooking for that matter. The extent of my culinary skills consist of making an egg omelet :) Thanks for the picture boykjo, That's what the meat looked like when it came out of the grinder the first time, but after removing the cutting wheel and putting the horn on it started coming out smeared. Also I added 1Lb of high temp cheese to 10Lbs of the meat which made the smearing much worse. 

    It's kind of funny that aeroforce100 mentioned the dedicated stuffer because my wife bought me one for Christmas and I returned it because the grinder was suppose to do both. Oh well back to the store I go.

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    That looks good there.......

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