Sweet Baby Rays Honey chipotle breasts w Qview

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by smokinstevo27, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Harris Teeter had buy on get one SBR varieties bogo so I picked up the honey chipotle and original. I brined the chicken breasts in salt, sugar, pepper, chili flakes, minced garlic and chipotle powder for around 6 hours. I grilled them and basted with sauce while cooking. I also threw on some zuchini and yellow squash. I usually start these in a fol pack with EVOO and soy sauce and baste with a sesame glaze which is what I did here. While the breasts were finished and resting I draped some Boars Head Jalepeno Jack cheese over them. It was a nice little evening on the deck hanging out with the wife and my mom. I hope yall enjoy the pics.






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  2. scarbelly

    scarbelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great looking meal Steve. Love the veggies. Looks like a great evening 
  3. realtorterry

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    Love the new sauce myself nice & sweet with a little something on the back!
  4. Thanks Gary. I wanted to smoke them but we went car shopping yesterday. We started at a Lexus dealership where my friend is the GM. He had a 2010 Camry with 8K miles on it. So I fell in love with the car and with the deal he was giving me but... Amelia wanted to do our due dilligence and look at Altimas as well. We got jerked around at the Nissan dealership for half a day and I got pissed and left. Of course we ended back up at my friends dealership and got a great car for one ell of a deal. Anyway with all that going on the time wasn't there to throw these on the smoker haha.

  5. Yeah I dig it.actually added a little more chipotle powder to it because I ama sucker for that stuff.

  6. I really shouldnt have looked at this when I havent had lunch yet.... [​IMG]

  7. Thanks BURGI. That happens to me here on SMF a lot!


  8. bearcarver

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    That all looks Real Niiiiiiice, Steve!

    Even the Zuke looks Great !!

    Nice close-up of my plate too!!

    What??---That was yours???   [​IMG]


  9. raptor700

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    Nice spread Stevo,

    The breast looks great( love the cheese), zucchini is grilled perfect (my favorite),

    And the Mac&Cheese pulls it all together.

    Awesome job my friend  [​IMG]
  10. Thanks Bear. I'll put a plate together for ya anytime!

     Thanks Rap. The mac and cheese was pure laziness but I don't care what anyone says I enjoy velveeta out of the box lol.
  11. smokinal

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    Great looking plate of food there Stevo!    [​IMG]
  12. beer-b-q

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    Great Looking Plate Steve... Really Nice Job...[​IMG]
  13. Thanks Al, I do my best!

     Invisible points, haven't seen that one yet. Thanks Paul.
  14. venture

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    Zukes are not my favorite, but I do like them off the grill.  Thanks for posting.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  15. Thanks man, I used to loathe Zuke but I've aquired a taste for it. I still don't care for it if its not done properly.


  16. venture

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    Well, it looks to me like yours are done properly.  Even people who don't like eggplant might like it off the grill like you did yours.

    Good luck and good smoking.

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