Surprising Hubby for his Birthday

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by surprisinghubby, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. I can't really post anything about myself as it would give away who I am and my husband is on this forum. Looking for advice to do our first ever pig roast in the ground for his birthday. He has never done this but always talks about it and trying to get it all together by next month!
  2. gearjammer

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    Hello and welcome SH, I can maybe lead you on to something that

    should help you some at least.

    I'd post you a link to it but I haven't got that whole thing figured out yet.

    But if you go up to the top of the page, on the right side you'll see a 

    magnifying glass looking thing, punch that and type in pig roast.

    There are some pig roasts that have been done by members on here.

    Also if somebody doesn't stumble upon this soon, jump right out into the

    forums and ask your question out there.

    You will get answers.

    Glad you're here enjoy and most of all, have fun.


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