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    Doing a brisket for Christmas. Hopefully the pups won't have their feast on another nasty brisket.

    Anyhow....I absolutely HATE trimming. I am very sloppy, and with being bi-polar get distracted VERY easy so I tend to lose interest in trimming very quickly. So who here cuts the cryovac open, hoses it off, dusts with rub and tosses it on?

    I am fully aware that briskets are cooked using the probe tender gig. Disclaimer out of the long does a "natural" Brisket take....minutes per pound? Not looking for a legally binding commitment...just a "they take me about 70 minutes per pound" type of statement. If you would feel "safer" replying to this question in private than by all means send me a message...

    Thank you for your time.....

    Let the "you don't cook be time" statements begin...

    Merry Christmas
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