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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by campgrrl, Feb 8, 2016.

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    Had some friends over for the Superbowl and fired up my smoker! I did some "Scarbelly Wings" that S2K9K had posted and boy they were AMAZING!! Also used Jeff's receipe for Bacon Candy and was very happy with the results. Here is my question though, I am still new to the smoking world and trying to figure out my smoker. Smoked with both burners on low all day and the temp stayed right at about 240. About 2 hours left on smoking and my temp goes down to 138. I go out and adjust on the burners put them both on high and my temp goes up to 190. Even turned the propane off and switched tanks, still no higher than 190.  (I have the Maverick 732 ) Only thing I can figure is the wind had picked up. Would the wind make that much of a difference in the temps? I closed all my vents as low as they would go. I have not insulated my smoker yet. Didn't know if it was really necessary as i don't seem to lose that much smoke? Any advice would be helpful! 



  2. Wow you got some meat parts in that thing.

    Here's a few things I know to ask.

    1. When you increased heat setting did you wait 20 minutes before making further adjustments? If so what temp do you think the meat was?

    2. Did you notice any fluctuations in the sound of gas flow to the burner? If so did the regulator feel cold? Almost refrigerated or icy?

    3. Was it a refilled tank? Moisture in tanks or lines freeze to ice in the regulator and clog the orifice.

    4. How bad was the wind? A fire even gas will not function properly if the chimney gets too cold. Yeah sounds weird, but the wind will suck the heat right out of a smoker. Even on a warm summers day.
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    I have a gasser too, and wind really messes with them.

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    1. Yep I raised the temp over about an hour and half. After that I pulled what wasn't done and finished it off on my gas grill.

    2. I didn't notice anything unusual about the gas sound.

    3. Both my tanks were refilled the day before. (should I get new tanks each time? )

    4. The wind got pretty bad. I didn't have any trouble with my gas grill, but it is insulated better. I tried to block off the bottom vents on the smoker with aluminum foil, but the wind kept blowing it away.

    Thanks for the feedback! I didn't think the wind would make a huge difference, but now i'm going to have to re-evaluate my smoker. Maybe see about building a wind blocker. 

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