Superbowl 50 smoke with pics

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by four20, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. All right its kick-off time. No the game hasn’t started but the smokers have.

    First on the field the 15 Lb packer untrimmed.

    Removed 3 Lb of fat

    Now rubbed with a light slathering of spicy brown mustard, kosher salt, coarse black pepper, and dry onion soup mix.

    Now I have to fold this thing in half to cook in the BB'Q grillware vertical propane smoker, but its not my first, and will not be the last. It went on @ 2:30 et currently running 325F for the first hour.Then ill slip it back to 225-250 f.

    Stay tuned the pork is in the locker room now getting ready to come into play.
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    I'm in!! 

  3. Ok here it is dressed and waiting

    We have 23 lb, but coach will only allow me to cook this 8 lb butt. She can be mean sometimes.

    Its slathered in my Frank Underwood’s combination rub. I am allowing it to set at room temp until 5:30 et and it will go in the smoker.

    Ill take pics of the brisket when it goes in. The smoker has now been lowered in temp to 235-250 f. Now lets get ready for the chicken parts.
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  4. redheelerdog

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    Sounds and looks great, all I am doing are ABTs [​IMG]
  5. The wifey is prep-ping her braided loaf dough and mix for her sweet cornbread blue cheese waffles which we serve the brisket on.
  6. Link for ABT recipe for low heat?

    Lets talk chicken parts. My chicken quarters part of them anyway is going into my buffalo brine in a 10 qt pot.

    now generally its this recipe

    2 cups white vinegar

    1 cup water

    12 oz franks hot sauce

    3 tblsp dry onion soup mix.

    1/4 cup salt

    1/4 cup sugar

    They will set in this brine for the next 6-7 hours before going on the smoker.
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  7. The brisket stalled at 151, at 160 I add the buffalo chicken quarters.
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  8. Don’t that brisket look like snuffanufgalous. I have to unfold it now. Do you notice the Toast Point?
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    Looking good!

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    Wow those are looking food making me want tk go gett a brisket.
  11. That cow just hit 158F. It is about time for the chicky bird to make its blitz.
  12. smokinal

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    Everything looks great so far1

    You must be feeding an army!

  13. Looks good. I doing wings and ribs..
    Looking forward to seeing finished products.
  14. Looking good I bet that chicken is great with that brine
  15. Holy cow.

    The brisket has been hung at 178 for 6 hours
  16. Dang I'm sure it will be worth it.
  17. Ok the brisket has finally moved beyond its stall point. and is now 185F so the wifey has now mixed her starter into her dry goods. She is making a braided 24 inch loaf.

    Seems like we are cooking for a large group but i think there will only be 8 or 10 eating.

    Now there is no crutch holding up my brisket. Just low and slow. She is starting to jiggle and shake. MMMMMMMM
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  18. Make it ten. On my way to SC not sure I'll make it in time from Michigan though.
  19. Ok Here we go

    First off the buffalo brined chicken quarters.

     I dont have a better pic. I will post one but they are resting right now. The baby started screaming meat.. meat.

    Next off at an IT of 194f is the brisket.

    It is now unfolded and resting in the cooler with the chicken. you can stick you finger thru it.

    Last but not least the pork butt. Which is wrapped in foiL and back on the smoker. It still need to come up another 10 degrees. All that beef fat kept it cooling in the smoker.

     And Now the dough has doubled so its time to divide and braid it.

    I will get more pics soon. The meats are tired especially the brisket. Its been a long 24 hours. Me I am one tired puppy. I do sleep, but my smoke alarm goes off every hour so I can check temps.
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    Looking great four20!  Thanks for sharing your smoke with us!


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