Super Bowl Sunday Smoke (1st cook post)

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  1. I had planned a super bowl cook since preseason and never would of thought i would have to battle gusts of wind up to 30 mph and 3 inches of snow that day but when you get the smoke in your blood there's nothing that mother nature has that can stop the sound of wood burning and the flavor smoke in your meat. i originally planned on pulled pork but as the days counted down i settled for ribs and wings. I bought some spare ribs from the local store and trimmed them down to St.Louies and decided to smoke the rib tips as well. I also picked up a 4 lbs bag of wing sections as well. I used a char grill-er smoking pro with the only mod i have is flipping the main chamber charcoal basket upside down as my baffle.

    I use the 3-2-1 method on ribs but i go by color on the ribs. I dont wrap till i get the right color, then keep em wrapped anywhere from 1-2 hours depending till i get that right twist in my meat from the bone, not to tender but not to stiff. then go for about another 30 - 45 for the sauce to set.

    These are at around the 1 hour mark right after the first spritz.

    And there is the finished product. Had  to show off the beautiful smoke ring as well :) I didnt take any of the wings cooking because the sun went down and my cam dont take the best pics at night but i got a few finished pics of the wings. A Jerk sauce was excellent choice for these wings.

    Not a bad cook for a cold windy snowy day. Well hope you guys like and hope to hear feed back!!!
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  2. Nice Ribs, great mahogany color    Good Job

  3. Thanks Gary. They sure were good but a lil sweet this time. I was trying out a few new things that I shouldn't have but it was worth a shot. Other than that the meat was perfect and juicy as can be!
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    Looks like a good smoke. Nice looking stuff there.
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    BBBQ, nice looking ribs and a great pic loaded post .[​IMG]

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