Super Bowl Success, at least the food.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokey mo, Feb 8, 2010.

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    So I made the decision to try smoking pork shoulder for the first time. The biggest problem was the "few" guests suddenly turned into around 25. I had no rub of my own and had never smoked this much meat in the hand-me-down Brinkman Vertical. My friends have an unfounded belief that I am a pro at this. Good cook yes, good smoker, not yet. So here we go. Three shoulders from Costco, altered a rub mix from a very basic rub and only an idea of what to do.

    The smoke comes from lump charcoal and some very seasoned alder and hickory. The lump was the base and the hard woods the flavor.

    Trying to keep this smoker on an even keel is very difficult, but worth the effort (as a note a small propane torch through the lower vent into the grilling wok-turned fire box will bring your temp right back up and help get the new coals working faster)

    One of the Shoulders with Mustard on.

    The Secret Rub mix...

    Partway through the night this is what it looked like.

    And finally the thing I hope for most...the TBS.

    ***As a small side note, you should always try to get pictures of the finished product BEFORE the guests see it and have hoagies in hand***

    Smoked Shoulder pulled and served with my wife's BBQ sauce and pepperoncinis with red beans and rice on the side. Turned out well enough they tore it up. I have successfully reinforced the misdirected opinion about my cooking abilities. They still think I am a pro...whew![​IMG]
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    Congratulations on a successful smoke. Your secret is safe with me. Keep on Smokin.
  3. scarbelly

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    Great job and it sounds like it was a huge hit with the guests. Congratulations
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    Good job , pork is one of my weakest cooks .
  5. jamminjimi

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    Awesome job!!

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