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    Jeff got my creative juices going with his weekly email on Cherry Dr. Pepper pork shoulder last week.  

    I had a few loins in the freezer and wanted to use one for the super bowl.  

    I decided to try to modify his recipe and make it work with my loin.

    I thawed out the 6 lb. pork loin throughout the week and on Saturday I opened it up, patted it down injected it with about 1/2-3/4 cup of Cherry Dr. Pepper.  Previous to this I tied it up with butcher twine to hold it together a bit better.

    Next step was to cover it in yellow mustard then coat it thoroughly with a slight variation of Jeff's dry rub. I like so add some red pepper flakes and a bit more coarse pepper to increase the kick a little.  Finally, to ensure good penetration of flavor I vacuum sealed it overnight.  Into the fridge it went.

    Sunday morning I pulled it out and put one more dose of dry rub on it and got the smoker warming up to a good steady 235.

    Into the smoker and let the magic happen....

    Master Forge was producing a nice TBS courtesy of the AMPTS.

    I started out with my smoke pan full of Hickory chips, then let the AMPTS finish the job with Myron's peach pellets.

    I covered it when IT hit about 130.  This was 3 1/2 hours into the cook.  

    Everything looked great and IT continued to climb to 155.

    I pulled it, unwrapped it and wow, the juices this had produced were amazing.

    Close to an inch of very aromatic juices in the bottom of the pan.

    I didn't get a pic of it in the pan but it was a tasty looking treat.

    I carved it up with the electric knife.  

    These went down great on a slider bun with some cold smoked sharp cheddar and little Cookies BBQ sauce.

    I was extremely happy with the final results.  

    Great smoke ring and the sweet flavor added by the Dr. Pepper played really well with the dry rub.  

    We'll be getting those other two loins out soon....
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    Really looks delicious, thanks for sharing your idea.
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    Nice job on your loin. Looks great! [​IMG]
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    Awesome looking loin!!



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