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Discussion in 'Pork' started by westby, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. westby

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    Decided to fill up the Rec Tec on Sunday.  Picked up a rack of ribs, a shank portion of ham and a whole bone-in turkey breast.  Put a layer of mustard and my rub on the ribs and brined the turkey on Saturday night and loaded up the smoker on Sunday at about 10:30am.  The ribs were for dinner on Sunday and the ham and turkey are for sandwich meat this week.  It appears several friends and family members will have sandwich meat this week as well - there is plenty of it.

    Here is a pic of all three just before I took off the ham and ribs.  I had the ribs on for a little over 6 hours at 225.  I always crutch, but decided not to this time.  I may never crutch again. . . . . . we'll see.  The turkey had to stay on for another hour and a half before it was done.  I pulled it at around 162 degrees.

    Here is a pic of the ribs right before they were devoured.  Ham and turkey get sliced up tonight after work for sandwich meat.

    Happy smoking.

  2. sgtmonte

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    Why is it that I always look at these forums right before lunch????  This makes me even more hungry than I already was.

    That's some good looking food you've got there

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  3. sota d

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    Nice smoke-really good looking ribs. Great job, thanks for posting it, David.
  4. westby

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    Thanks fellas.  They tasted great.
  5. b-one

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    Looks good!! Need some more pics!:biggrin:

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