Sunday Smoked Pork Shoulder Butt!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rubadubcubb, May 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys! im getting ready for a long smoke tommorow.. i got myself a 11 1/2 pound "bone-in" pork shoulder butt.. from what i read this is a fairly large size compared to most of the butts.. but i can assure its one piece and i would have taken photos but its already rubbed and in the fridge.. but i dug out the wrapper from the garbage "with some gloves" to show u the label..


    I gotta get to bed soon if im trying to wake up early enough to get this done by dinner time tommorow lol.. but ill take any tips you guys can give.. should i wrap in foil at 165?

    Ill keep you guys posted with Q-view!! stay tuned
  2. smokinal

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    Foiling at 165 or letting it go unfoiled is a personal preference. They take less time if you foil them, but you won't get nice thick bark.
  3. Wow its early for me!.. and im still running a little late..

    Im warming up the smoker now!
  4. roller

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    Get ready for the stall....[​IMG]
  5. Here's the butt before i stuck it in the smoker at about 5:40 am


    2 Hours down... ALOT MORE TO GO! :)... Meat temping at 79F

  6. Well im about 8 hours into it and its temping at 162F .. Guess i gotta get the foil ready.. Im really not sure if i should foil or not?.. I want that good bark!

  7. beer-b-q

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    I never foil but again that is up to you...  It looks good so far...
  8. ecto1

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    Like said foiling is a personal preference.  I foil to help speed up the remainder of the cook.  I have found I still get a good bit of bark.
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  9. Well it turned out pretty great for my first shot!.. Here's some pics



    My big harvest!


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