Sunday Sausage Day!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by stexdvldogpilot, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Sunday will be my first attempt, so pretty excited with a little bit of nerves.

    Just got a new grinder, stuffer and some big plastic tubs. A friend and I are going to be cutting up 100 lbs of venison and 100 lbs of pork butts.

    I want to thank you all for your hours of reading and pages of advice on here. I have done a lot of research and learned a ton from reading all these posts.

    Wish me luck, and feel free to throw words of wisdom My way.

    Thanks again, will let you know how it goes.
  2. Get some sleep. 200 # of meat is not a sausage day. Its an adventure.

    Skipper said it was gonna be a 3 hour tour.
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  3. smokinal

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    Holy cow!!

    Your first try & your doing 200#.

    Hope it goes well for you!

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  4. danmcg

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    Good luck, Keep the meat cold. And with 200 pounds I hope you got a good and proven recipe.
  5. Taste testing along the way to make sure you like what you are cranking out. What type of sausage are you making? 200 lbs is a lot for a first go round.
  6. I have several recipes off of here, so I hope their good, plus one from a friend who is known for his sausage that he has been making for years, but if you have a favorite, I'd be all ears, or I guess all eyes.

    Making a raw sausage and going to smoke some. Mainly just a salt and pepper sausage. Going to have a grill fired up to taste before stuffing. 200 pounds is a lot for a first attempt, we tend to do things on big scales.
  7. This is the general brat recipe I have been using Minor spice adjustments along the way & have done a cheddar jalapeño, mushroom Swiss, cordon blue, & plain as well. I like to grind half a onion when grinding the meat per 5 lbs batch as well.

  8. dirtsailor2003

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    And here I thought the 30 pounds of summer sausage I'm making today was a lot! 200 pounds, yikes!

  9. Not ging to lie, I'm beat!
  10. Ended up being 100 lbs 50/50, 60 lbs 60/40, and 25 lbs of just pork because ran out of deer after trimming.

    Tried each batch patty form, was good, so hope that transfers over. Kids loved it, and wife even said it was good.

    Going to smoke some tomorrow, anyone want to give me some advice on smoking it?

    Also need some dried sausage advice?

    Thanks again for all the knowledge shared on here, I have learned a ton from all the posts on here.

    Lessons learned:

    The grinder worked awesome, ate and chewed it up as fast as I could get it in the hole. STX-4000, have a bunch of positive reviews on Amazon when I ordered it, no complaints here, chewed it up at 50lbs every 15 mins, and it was on low, and I probably slowed it down feeding it.

    Went with a 5lb stuffer, LEM model, worked well, just wish I would have ordered the 25lb model, or a bigger one, reloading was probably the biggest limiting factor.

    Used a natural casing, worked well, not sure if you can make that process any easier, loading that on the tube was tough work, any tricks?

    Overall great time, had family in and out helping and taking part, so great learning experience for all.

    Thanks again.
  11. Oh forgot, higher tables, need to raise tables a couple feet, my back is toast.
  12. whistech

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    I can't imagine doing all of that in one day.     My grandson and I did about 30 pounds of sausage in my first attempt and I was exhausted after grinding, mixing, stuffing and getting everything cleaned up and put away.      Looks like you did a great job on the sausages.
  13. Made 50 lbs this time, much more manageable. Did the last 10 with Jalapeños and good.[​IMG]

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  14. smokin jay

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    Nice job! Looks great!
  15. OK I need help with texture. Last years was too course, this last batch was too fine like hot dog, almost. Help please.
  16. I grind just once with a medium plate & i get alot of compliments on the texture. Do you have a size in between what you have been using or do they make one for your grinder.
  17. I have different size plates, I double ground it on the large and then the small. I will have to try the medium plate. I did the double grind to help mix it.
  18. I personally dont double grind I know many guys do but I grind once then mix well by hand until really tacky stuff & if it has cure let cure over night then smoke & process as needed.
  19. heavy hauler

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    Try cutting back to 2 grinds instead of 3 one course mix in spice then one medium.
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  20. ab canuck

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    The short version, For our sausage rings and smokies we we grind our venison and pork with a 3/8 plate

    Then away we go to stuffing. For our breakfast sausage we grind everything with 1/4" plate. we found that the best consistency for us and our casing. In the past we did venison 1/4" and pork 3/8" then mix. We decided to try for more chunk and went 3/8. I find the meats when mixed with everything do break down some (venison and pork previously frozen due to time restraints) then resulting in a nice mix that fills csg smoothly. My 2 cents. 

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