Sunday Pool Party Pulled Pork Shoulder

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  1. Hey All- Got a 7 lb Pork shoulder from costco [​IMG]on today. Rubbed with yellow mustard and Jeffs Naked Rub. On the Brinkman Oklahoma Joe at 6:15 this am. Spritz every hour with Fresh juiced apple and Appleton Rum 3 to 1. Wrapped at 165 deg. at 11:30. ( Right when I took the picture attached). Put a little of the spritz mix in the foil. More updates and pics later. Enjoy.
  2. daddydon

    daddydon Smoke Blower

    Looking good here in south west Georgia...!
  3. meateater

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    Looking good. [​IMG]
  4. smokinal

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    Looks great!

    Great color!

    Keep it coming!
  5. africanmeat

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  6. vegassmokeout

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    Looking great.  Let's see the finsihed product!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bearcarver

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    Looks excellent so far !!!!

    Can't wait to see the finale!!!

    Did you have to fire up the Okie Joe, or is the Arizona heat sufficient ?  [​IMG]

  8. Hey all, sorry had way to much going on with the guests and swimming and all. But I did get a chance to snap a few more pictures.

  9. And here it is plated with homemade baked beans and Daves Famous Sweet and Spicy Pickles and some slaw.

  10. fpnmf

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    Awesome plate!!!  Yummie!

  11. scarbelly

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    Great job man - I know how it is when you get company in the middle of smoking Looks awesome
  12. bearcarver

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    Craig beat me to the AWESOME word,

    So I'll have to say "That's an Outstanding Plate!"

    Nice looking pulled pork!!!

  13. Yummy!...I live in Tucson, where was my invitation? Hahahaha :biggrin:
  14. Tucson huh ! Have you been to Lil n Bucks on Grant. Or Brants BBQ on Ina in Marana. I like them both. I get down there fairly often do you recommend anywhere else I may have passed.
  15. vegassmokeout

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    Send some this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. raymo76

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    Wow that looks delicious!

    I went to my local costco and they sell a 2 pack titled Pork Shoulder, so I'm assuming its the whole shoulder, and the bone is out. Is that what you got?
  17. smokinal

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    Not much to say other than!

  18. Yes, it is two pieces, and no bone. I rubbed it first, then tied it back to original shape with buchers twine. They take much of the fat cap off. But if cooked right it doesnt come close to drying out.

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