Sunday Lunch Pork Loin...with some St Louis ribs just for fun...with "Q-view"

Discussion in 'Pork' started by guitardude, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. The more I use the Char-Griller Pellet smoker, the more I like it!

    Today was a 5lb pork loin with a brownsugar bourbon and garlic rub. And a slab of St. Louis ribs with my secret rub :grilling_smilie:

    And to go along with it, a tray of buttermilk ranch with olive oil roasted carrots and potatoes

    After 2.5 hours cooking at 235-245 I hit the magic 145 and off it came to rest for 45 minutes waiting for the family to arrive from church...

    And the finished product!

    Sorry about no pictures of the ribs...but the family fell on them like they hadn't eaten in days, and bones that clean don't make good pictures!!!
  2. Nice smoke looks great   I like the color

  3. [​IMG]Looks very tasty!

    Happy smoken.

  4. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Nice looking smoke!

    Is Zhenter's still open over there? It was a great place to see how much a college kid could eat.....LOL
  5. crazymoon

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    GD, nice dinner ,looks awesome !
  6. welshrarebit

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    Congrats on a great smoke! But, More so congrats on setting up that mav 733!!! I've had mine for a while now and I still have no clue how it works...

    I'll ask one of my kids to adjust it if needed... ;)
  7. This is my forth one of the Mav 733's, have three (2 for the trailer mounted stick burner and one for the gas grill) and it takes a little reading and playing with it to get it set up, but once you get it, it's not that hard...and cooking to temp ALWAYS gives a better cook than cooking to time!
  8. Nope, Zentner's closed 4-5 years ago after almost 80 years. The family didn't have a family member interetsted in continuing, and the people that bought it changed too many little things.

    Zentner's Daughter, the family feud spilt off from 40 years ago is still open, but the quality goes up and down.
  9. I've seen that happen to quite a few good places. One place I keep wondering about "One of my favorites" is McClards BBQ in Hot Springs, they opened (same location) in 1928, I think it's the 3rd generation running it, we'll see

  10. Great place! We ate there a couple of years back when riding up to BB&BBQ in Fayetteville! Took the long way via Hot Springs and Mt. Petit Jean...
  11. Hwy 7 ?    That is a pretty way to go especially in the fall.     They have a heck of a business.


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